The consequences of not using appropriate sports clothing

How it helps us to use sports clothes and accessories suitable when we go to play sports outdoors.

What you need to play sports and get fit? Apparently, not much: willpower and desire to go out. And that is all we need what we have there: streets and parks to walk kilometers, the same parks in which to do some strength exercises, and even in some cities have specific material to train as bars on the street. That yes, we must bear in mind that a good kit cannot only help us maximize the results of our training, but also to avoid possible injury. What are the consequences of not using appropriate sports clothing?

Sports Clothing

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Shoes: Protection without injury

We start with the most important point, especially for runners: use appropriate footwear. The feet are part of the most important body the runners, so we must equip them properly, taking into account our way of stepping (and improving it if necessary), our physical characteristics and the terrain that we are moving. One of the most useful things we can do for our feet is Fulfilling a study of tread before you start running: Through this study we know how we stand, what kind of shoe that more favors us and we can also learn some exercises help us to step safely and without injury.

Once we know if we are pronator, supinator or neutral we can choose the right shoes to correct any errors of our footprint. Not use a shoe that blends well with our way of stepping can lead to injury to ligaments and tendons in the long term. We must also take into account the time of year when we run and adapt our shoes to it: running shoes summer are lighter, they are made with more breathable fabrics and even some have ventilation in the sole, which we keep safe from the dreaded blisters that may occur due to friction or overheating of the body.

When choosing shoes must also take into account our body weight (the people who weigh more need extra cushioning in the shoe so to protect your joints), the type of terrain on which we will run (the shoes trail mountain or have a sole with more design or more die cut to improve grip and prevent falls) and the number of kilometers weekly or monthly let’s go.

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Evacuate sweat clothes to prevent colds and infections

The use of technical clothing when sport is more than a whim, because it can help prevent some diseases. Currently most brands work with their own technology evacuation of sweat and apply to most of their clothes: this way, the sweat is not trapped between the skin and tissue, but is evacuated to the outside keeping cool and dries while we’re training.

In the winter months this type of clothing can make a difference when you catch a cold if we train outdoors, and in the summer months can save us from infection: remember that the favorite bacteria to breed place is the which is humid and warm, so use this type of tissue it will help us to keep us safe from possible infection.

Protect our eyes properly

During the summer, when training outdoors is also very important that we protect our eyes in the right way through some sunglasses specially designed for the sport you are going to practice or to the degree of sunlight that we will expose. We must ensure that our sunglasses provide us with protection against ultraviolet rays with a filter acting on the 90% of them at least: in this way, we are guaranteed the protection of our eyes.

Also, keep in mind sunscreen glasses (which values of 0 to 4) and the material used for manufacturing lightweight and resilient, such as polycarbonate. The risks of not using proper protection for our eyes ranging from glare and the danger it entails when we run or rode bike outdoors to the development of photosensitive.

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