Be well with you or habit to cultivate your inner

We are and we feel depending on what happens on the outside, what we hear or what others recognize us. If there is a crisis, we respond by generating stress, if the day is gray, we become depressed, if we flatter, we get happy…

It is obvious that the external conditions us a lot, even our health. But today I want to reverse this approach and say that being better oneself, from the inside, you can improve the relationship with the outside, results in life and well-being: we can live better!

“If you can be good about yourself, in your inside, the outside will fall into place.”

When you discover something new as if it were a seed, you water, what you see and spend time. But we grow up in a world fast and full of noise that urges us to look out, perfect appearance, succeed, be correct to others and we often forget ourselves, to be silent to listen and lose ability to look at what happens inside us.

Be yourself

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Do you live connected with your inner? Are curious about what’s wrong inside? If you start this habit draws attention can implement these recommendations:

  1. Nurture your inner

Become aware and familiar with your inner state more often reaching consciousness that gives you peace of act from yourself, allowing you to imbue your own essence in what you do, who you are transmitting.

  1. Learn to be alone

Being with oneself is not so simple. The fact being alone usually cost, boring or even frightening. To avoid being alone we connect nothing but wake the phone, chat, email, etc. Even sometimes, we prefer to spend time with someone we do not like to feel some support. But being alone is empowering lets you know, watching you and connect with your intuition.

  1. Observe your inner dialogue

If a person has, a poor or mediocre inner dialogue that will establish yourself will become a parade of trouble, a broken record that plays what you hear or the follies he commits. On the contrary, if one has a well-cultivated inner world, that dialogue will enlighten new sensations, learning and skills that will provide light to interpret reality in various ways and will help you make valuable actions. In this born not learned, you have to train and nothing better for that than the next point: practice mindfulness!

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  1. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools I have known and practical to grow internally. More and more studies show us that through habit of being present within us can improve many aspects of our lives and even reinforce our defenses by balancing body chemistry.

The opposite of Mindfulness is the “autopilot” or mindless. Mindfulness is to flow with what is happening in the present. To do so, the first thing is to become an observer of our thoughts. It is like unidentified body to connect with the being, the invisible, the conscience.

As soon as you start to honor the present moment, your unhappiness, your fears and your struggles will dissolve, and life begins to flow more easily generate more understanding, openness and joy.

As the great Eckhart Tolle says when you act savoring the present moment whatever you do is imbued with a sense of quality, care and love, even the simplest action.

Spend time with yourself, cultivate your inner, your life is worth the experience!

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