The 4 Best Android and iOS Beauty Shopping Apps

In this new age of self-care, many of us have grown to appreciate beauty and cosmetics. There are now an infinite number of beauty products available, and walking around different stores trying out different products can be fun!

But what if you’d rather do your beauty shopping from the comfort of your couch, the train, or anywhere in between? You certainly can. So here’s a list of four apps that allow you to shop for beauty, regardless of your location just the accessibility of online pokie.

Lush Cosmetics

Lush is well-known throughout the world for its eco-friendly and cruelty-free beauty products. Though many of us enjoy visiting Lush stores to browse their selections, the brand also allows you to shop from your phone.

On the app, you can find hundreds of Lush products, including its infamous bath bombs and soap bars. You can also grab yourself moisturizers, shampoos, and body washes on the app.

In addition to the shopping experience offered by this app, Lush has added a Discover page where you can learn about the fight against animal cruelty, important updates, and the people behind the Lush brand.

You can also use the app to find nearby stores, but you must first grant the app access to your phone’s location settings, or you can easily opt for beauty games at best online casino payouts.


Unlike Lush, the lookfantastic app focuses on providing products from a variety of brands, including Lime Crime, ZOEVA, Vichy, and others. You can browse the app’s categories, such as Eyeshadow, Serums, or Foundation Brushes, or you can search more broadly using the app’s Discover page.

In addition to makeup and skincare, you can find a variety of health supplements for your hair, skin, and other areas. The app includes hairstyle, makeup, and skincare tutorials, as well as makeup cheats and hacks to simplify or amplify your look.

You can also find step-by-step instructions for recreating the looks of celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Anne Marie, as well as information on celebrities’ skincare routines.


The KIKO MILANO app features lipsticks, brow pencils, foundations, and eyeliners from the brand’s own line. You can use this app to read reviews, find discounted items, and get an affordable beauty haul.

The app also includes a news section that features new and exclusive KIKO products, collections, and updates. If you want to shop ethically, you can also find the most popular, best-selling products, as well as some of the more eco-conscious products released by KIKO.

In addition to these features, the KIKO MILANO app lets you browse beauty tutorials such as step-by-step for colourful eyeliner, wedding makeup, and contouring. There are even nail tutorials for some cute manicures.


Yes, ASOS has some fantastic makeup products that are being used by Victoria McManaman. This app not only offers thousands of clothing items, but also hundreds of beauty products. You can get a full beauty haul on ASOS, including foundations, liners, lipsticks, and eyeshadow palettes. You could even combine your clothing and beauty purchases.

Aside from makeup and skincare, ASOS offers a wide selection of fragrances from high-end brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Moschino. If you’re looking for less expensive fragrances, ASOS also carries products from brands like Ouai, & Other Stories, Stradivarius, and HOLM.

It’s important to remember that ASOS will only hold what’s in your shopping bag for an hour. So, if you’ve added multiple items to your cart, make sure to check out as soon as possible to avoid having to search for and re-add them. You can also add an item to your board if you want to keep it close by but not buy it yet.

ASOS also almost always has a sale going on, and beauty products are almost always included in such sales. As a result, you can frequently find high-quality and coveted beauty products with big discounts. Who doesn’t enjoy a budget-friendly shopping spree?

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