4 Important Things to Do After You Move

Moving is a major change. Packing up was hard enough, but now it’s time to unpack and adjust to your new surroundings in St. John’s county. Here are four important things that you need to do.


One of the first things to do after moving is to start unpacking. You don’t have to do everything all at once, though. Start with one room and work your way through the house. Hang up photographs. Arrange your furniture. Do what you can to make your new home inviting and comfortable.

Find Healthcare Providers

You likely had healthcare providers in your old hometown that you trusted. You need to find physicians, dentists, and other professionals to help you maintain a healthy life. If you have children, you also need to find a pediatrician and pediatric dental care st johns county. Don’t forget about finding a reputable veterinarian for your pets.

Register Your Vehicles

When you move to a new place, you need to change your driver’s license and register your vehicles. Both processes are fairly simple. To get started, you need to find your local DMV. In the state of Florida, you have 30 days after you move to register your cars, so you shouldn’t put this off for too long.


After taking some time to get settled in your new home, go out and explore! Get in your car and drive around to see what’s nearby. Take note of parks (including dog parks!), trails, restaurants, shops, and more. Not only will this help you to find different places in your area, but it can also help you to learn how to get around more easily.

The process of moving doesn’t stop once the boxes are in your new house. Taking the time to get yourself situated in your new residence will help your surroundings feel more like home.

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