How to combine red pants with style: fashionable looks

The bright red trousers and their entire color palette dress a lot, they are elegant, modern and striking in equal measure. But it is also difficult to combine with the other garments that will form your  fashionable looks . The key, let yes or yes take all the prominence.

With what colors can I combine red pants?

Do you know that phrase that says that the question is to follow fashion and give it your personal and unique touch? Well, it is just what happens with this garment that rises with the title of favorite of all time, and if you do not believe us, record the looks of the celebs of the moment, there is not one who wants to miss it.

Follow the advice that we are going to give you so that you know how to wear the red pants that sweeps with style and do not forget either that you always have to give your style your most personal touch , that will be how you differentiate yourself from the rest.

One of the keys to wearing an ideal outfit is to choose only two colors for your look . What does this mean? It will be a two-color outfit in which the red will be given by your pants, and the other tone will be chosen by yourself according to your own tastes and style. Examples? Here they are!

The shades with which you can combine your red pants

+Red and black

Fitted red pants, modern and with a lot of fun. Leather jacket , ankle boots, bag and blouse or shirt, all in black. You will see how well it suits you. Black goes well with everything and is also perfect to give a little contrast to the intensity of the red color of your pants.

+Red and white

This mix is ideal to dress well on formal occasions , you can even wear it to go to work any day of the week. Red dress pants (tailored pants are always a good option), white long-sleeved straight-cut shirt and bag and ankle boots in the same white color. If you try it, you repeat.

+Red and beige

As in the example that we just told you, but changing the white for beige or nude. Here you can give your outfit a casual look by putting on sneakers and a basic T-shirt. An urban style that you will be able to wear more than once at halftime.

+Red and gray

The red color is passionate, daring and striking. Gray is cold, serious and wintry. What happens if you put them both on at the same time? You will have an outfit of 10 . The gray closed neck sweater will be your best option. If you find it difficult to find shoes in that same gray tone, (it happens to us too) put on some in black and problem solved. You can carry the bag in gray or matching your shoes. It’s up to you!

6 ideal outfits to wear red pants

Once the issue of styles in two colors has been clarified, it is time to see the main versions that these cool red pants offer us. That is, the looks that you will be able to create with it.

1. Bet on wearing an urban look with your red pants

This type of look is a favorite of many of the famous around the world . You can wear red pants with a sporty cut, with a black side stripe, off- white ugly shoes , a sweatshirt with letters and a shopper bag. A combination for the most daring!

If you like it but it doesn’t quite suit you, you can change the sneakers for black ankle boots. And the sweatshirt for a slightly less colorful piece. By the way, wide-rimmed sunglasses are not even painted to give a chic touch to your look.

2. Red pants are perfect to go to any party

At this point you will be able to make a lot of combinations , all that come to mind. Take as a base a bright red and fitted trousers, you can even wear an ankle model. Add the most festive clothes that you like the most: top, cut out blouse , shirt, bralette , high heels …

The only thing you must remember is that you do not have to go overboard with the colors of the rest of your outfit. You already know that red attracts too much attention, and you should not err too much, right? When in doubt, opt for black, gray, or even burgundy.

3. Red pants to go to a wedding as a guest

red pants
Red pants to go to a wedding as a guest

What do you think of this combination? Sure you like it as much (or more) as we do. Choose baggy tailored pants in matte red, with floral detail on the side, and combine them with a white off-shoulder silk shirt , beige hat, and black stilettos.

Of course, you must take into account when the wedding is going to be held, day or night . Be that as it may, you can adapt your look by adding, for example, a matching jacket, a handkerchief or a handbag with more or less ornaments. You sure do not go unnoticed.

4. Total look red, do you dare?

They are already well known for all the total looks in black or white, but what if you wear a total red? If you want to bet everything on red, choose a shade that is as intense as possible and that it can be seen even on your shoes. If you do not see it clearly, choose a dull matte red or a burgundy color, that is, a tone that moves away from fiery red.

Depending on the cut of the pants, more or less elegant, and depending on the top (formal or informal), you can choose between ankle boots or sneakers . But calm down! Black ankle boots and white sneakers to give a touch of neutrality to the rest of your outfit.

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5. Lady style comes to red pants

As we told you at the beginning, red pants are the most elegant. But they are also feminine , just like the pink ones. For this reason, you can wear yours with a lace shirt, a silk scarf to decorate your neck, a handbag and some flat shoes along with your favorite jewels. Too lady ? Or maybe a little naive ? We love to play with fashion!

6. Red leather effect pants for a sexy look

Get yourself some red leather-effect or vinyl pants , fitted, with glitter, high waisted and an irresistible sexy point. You can wear them with a simple black sweater, or go a step further and opt for a dark lace top. Either option will be ideal.

There are even those who dare to wear the most sugary version of these pants with a white t-shirt and off-white ankle boots, how can you hear it! Remember: if you want to adapt this outfit to spring, you will only have to change the shoes for some strappy sandals on the instep. You will be ideal!

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