Nervous about moving into a care home?

Many older people worry about moving into a care home but sometimes it is the best option. Being able to discuss their concerns and worries is important and family members should openly talk about such concerns, as well as spend time visiting care homes and speaking to staff. A lot of fear is based on the unknown and when that is removed, a situation doesn’t seem as scary as it did before.

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Older people want to feel secure. They want to know that they are not being abandoned or forgotten, living with strangers who don’t care about them. Care homes today can be bright, welcoming places with friendly staff who go out of their way to provide stimulating activities and excellent standards of care.

It can also be difficult for older people to recognise that they require help. Pride plays a part. They have had an independent adult life and so it can take a lot to admit that they are struggling and need assistance. This explains why Live in Care Taunton is so popular. Find out more about Live in Care Taunton here.

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It is also a concern for many that they will be giving up their independence and privacy by moving into shared accommodation. These fears can be assuaged by talking in depth to the care who can provide details of what is done to protect privacy and the level of independence they can still enjoy.

Suddenly moving to live with people they don’t know is a big life change, so if you stop to think about how that might feel, you’ll have an idea of how important it is to do lots of homework and talk about things.

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