Rustic kitchens: 5 tips for the perfect decor

The rustic kitchens embody the archetype of more than any other variety of traditional cuisine furnishing ideas. In Italy, the “rustic” is a much-loved style, if applied to kitchens then it becomes a real passion. Whether it is a classic built-in kitchen or a  modular kitchen. The rustic furniture is able to welcome the whole family in a warm and natural environment. The rustic kitchens are much more than a furnishing choice that reflects values and a way of life precise. There are no rooms with ideal characteristics to be properly furnished following this design. The advantage of a  modular rustic kitchen over one built-in kitchen is to be able to exploit different components to optimize, customize. And complete the furnishing of a room with peculiar characteristics and dimensions, even in the case of small kitchens.

1. Handles for rustic furniture

Furniture handles and knobs are very important furnishing elements to define the character of your kitchen. Those rustic kitchens are no less. A touch of authenticity and attention to these accessories can help make the difference between suitable furniture and a refined and original rustic kitchen. Rustic kitchens offer you the opportunity to indulge yourself with many furnishing accessories. Especially when it comes to kitchen handles. For example, it is more difficult to customize a  modern kitchen. The essential and minimal look of this type of furniture does not easily lend itself to deviating too much from very simple and sober design lines. In contrast, the look of a  rustic kitchen leverages the ability of those who furnish it to complete it with antique objects or objects recovered from the past. To embellish the room with a touch of refined originality. There are sets of furniture handles and kitchen knobs designed and created specifically for masonry kitchens and rustic kitchens. These kitchen handles are able to embellish the furniture in a coordinated way with continuity and style. A particularly suitable solution for rustic kitchens is that of ceramic knobs, especially for solid wood kitchens. The decorations and designs of these kitchen furniture knobs are not only a feast for the eyes but a real pleasure for the touch of the hand.

2.  Typical Colors

The rustic kitchens are not only distinguished by the use of certain materials such as solid wood. Or a precise stylistic design and finish cutting Even the colors play an important role. When we talk about rustic kitchens and kitchen colors,  two main factors come into play. The first precaution to take into consideration is that the idea of traditional cuisine. And therefore in particular the rustic kitchen – is deeply rooted in a specific color palette. The classic colors of a kitchen are yellow, orange,  brown with walnut finishes, the green and blue , generally colors that are able to restore a warm, welcoming. And comfortable feeling to the environment, with typically autumnal chromatic features. Let us again remember to customize the color palette with nuance references typical of the places we live in. The goal is to make our kitchen furniture even more rustic, natural, authentic. Especially with natural materials such as stone, sand, and clay. The kitchen tiles play a key role in deciding what will be the color of our rustic cuisine. The chromatic references linked to the decorations of the ceramic and terra cotta tops are a good starting point for establishing which colors to choose for the furnishing of the environment.

3. Natural materials

It is appropriate to say. That of rustic kitchens is a completely “natural” charm. One of the reasons for the greatest appeal of these kitchens is to make people perceive comfort and well-being as only natural elements can. Bringing the vivid and genuine charm of nature into a protected and safe environment. We are not just talking about a simple visual perception, but also about touch. There are many natural materials that can complete and embellish the furnishings of a  rustic kitchen. Stone for example is an excellent choice for countertops, with tons of colors and patterns to choose from. Wrought iron also goes very well with the furniture of rustic kitchens, especially when it comes to solid wood kitchens. Integrating the furniture of a  rustic wooden kitchen with wrought iron furnishing elements also means creating accessories that enhance the display of cookware hanging on the walls, bread shelves, and recipe holders. Clay and terracotta are two other excellent choices for creating alchemy in the kitchen in perfect balance between the world of man and that of nature.

4. Rustic kitchen tiles

Flooring is a very important part of rustic kitchens. It must not be neglected at all. There are specific types of kitchen coverings and tiles suitable for this type of furniture. Each to be carefully considered in order to evaluate its aesthetic, quality. And maintenance qualities. A new solution is to choose the so-called metro tiles or diamond tiles. These kitchen tiles are a timeless classic, able to elegantly complete even the rustic décor, especially in masonry kitchens. The beauty of these tiles lies precisely in their proportions: their shape is perfect for laying “A muretto”, with direct references to the neo-liberty and metropolitan style. Light kitchen tiles metro tiles manage to create interesting configurations even when spaced out by dark grout grids. Another suggestion is to use small raised square cut tiles, choosing strips that can imitate the natural colors of the stone to recreate a truly rustic look inside the kitchen. The exposed brick remains a safe investment with no possibility of error. These natural stone bricks are the perfect choice for those who have to deal with several layers of plaster or are not satisfied with the authenticity of their wall tiles. Do you want to make your guests fall in love with your kitchen? Use terracotta tiles with very warm orange and red colors to add an authentic Mediterranean touch to the rustic style of the environment.

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5. Kitchen Curtainsrustic kitchen

Neglecting the look of windows in kitchen decor is a mistake to avoid, especially when it comes to rustic kitchens. It would be a shame to leave bare windows in an environment that makes hospitality. And attention to detail the hallmarks of its style. Taking care of kitchen curtains is a bit like dressing the entire room, a priority if from the moment we expect the kitchen to truly become the most welcoming environment in the house. The style of the country curtains is characterized by very specific styles and patterns. Among these, the most classic is the checkerboard one, which usually combines an earthy beige with dark red, green, yellow, or blue. Also in vogue floral prints, associated more with a  vintage rustic kitchen than a modern one. An alternative choice is to rely on kitchen curtains with toile patterns, with cream-colored backgrounds on black, blue, pink, and red designs. With references to the rural or local artisan tradition to give the kitchen a more country touch. The valance curtain gives the kitchen a more familiar and informal atmosphere at a lower cost. The curtains shabby chic of fine fabric is more costly and adequate in most sought-after country kitchens.

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