Tips for Grilling Burgers That Will Bring Them Back for Seconds

Summer always seems to ignite the creative flames of family cooks yearning to prepare a feast worthy of the finest chefs. Amateur grillers consider hamburgers the go-to centerpiece of the meal, relegating side-dish status to everything else. Too often, though, their efforts produce burgers that are crumbly-dry and tasteless, a failure that can be mitigated by taking the following steps when preparing the patty and doing the grilling.

Choose Beef With Pride

Everything starts with the meat you choose. Generic store-brand ground beef generally does not cut it. If possible, choose ground beef whose origin is specified. Gold standard meat comes from specialty gourmet suppliers who raise their own cattle, such as full blood Wagyu heifers Stigler OK, so that you get a product that is fresh and has been produced under strict control.

Treat the Patties With Kindness

Take the meat from the refrigerator and let it approach room temperature, a step that leads to more even cooking. If forming your own patties, form them into a very slightly raised ball, then press a dimple in the middle, which helps them to maintain shape and cook evenly; do not work the patties excessively, however, as they will likely come out a tough, crumbly mess. Since they will shrink, make them larger than the buns.

Grill Like a Craftsperson

This may seem obvious, but clean your grill before cooking. Make certain it is hot before placing the meat on it, so the patties do not stick. Season your burgers only just before placing them on the grill so that the salt does not draw out the juice. Do not press down on the patty, because here as well you want to keep the juice within, and flip only once. Cook your beef to the proper internal temperature – 160 degrees – and remove immediately, since the meat will continue to cook.

Take extra care when preparing and grilling hamburgers. If you do so, you will be surprised at how professional your results will be.

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