Understanding Supplements: Healthy Diets May Not Meet All Nutritional Needs

Eating a healthy and balanced diet may seem to be the perfect way to enjoy optimum health. It is important to eat right, but it may not be enough. Even people that are very careful about getting the proper amount of protein, vitamins and minerals in their diet are often not as nourished as they believe.
There are many reasons why supplements are necessary. Even fresh fruits and vegetables are not as nutritious as most people think. Produce spends a lot of time in warehouses, on trucks and in supermarkets before it is purchased and consumed. This delay causes the loss of a lot of the vitamins and minerals it was supposed to provide. Another concern is that over-farming or the use of hot houses diminishes the quality of the product that is grown because the soil is often depleted.

A very active lifestyle, using prescription medication or an illness may drain a body of more nutrients than what people can reasonably put back in with just food. In many instances supplements are faster, more convenient and affordable than preparing all of the food necessary to meet all needs. Busy people rarely have the time to shop for, plan and prepare three healthy meals a day to guarantee they stay perfectly balanced.

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There are a number of supplements to choose from and everyone should carefully research all products before they begin taking them to determine their effectiveness and their safety. One product that is often recommended by experts is Nrf2. This is a naturally occurring protein in the body that regulates how antioxidants are used to help repair damage caused by injury or inflammation.

Naturally produced Nrf2 works efficiently in young, healthy individuals but bodies are often unable to produce enough to maintain the necessary cellular repairs as they grow older or if they become ill. This leads to additional sickness and increased signs of aging. Using a supplement to boost the protein in the system helps to slow aging, increase the power of the immune system and detoxify the body. It is useful for anyone, but has been found particularly helpful to all athletes and active individuals as well as vegetarians that struggle to get an adequate amount of protein in their diet.

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