Ways That Poor Posture Can Impact Your Health

Having good posture is something that many people are taught from a young age that can be vitally important to your quality of life. Mothers tell their children to “sit up straight.” Teachers chide students for slouching in their seats. Fathers tell their sons to “walk with your chin held high.” But how much of the body’s overall health is really impacted by one’s posture?

Happy times


A person’s mood is one area that can impact and also be impacted by one’s posture in turn. Studies show that in individuals with depression, a corrected posture promoted higher energy levels and lower anxiety. While being depressed may cause a person to have poor posture in the first place, it is evident that having poor posture can further their depressed state.


One of the most obvious ways that a person’s posture can impact their life is by causing undue back, shoulder, and neck pain. Depending on the severity and duration of time that a person’s posture has been poor, this could even cause permanent damage, making their spine more fragile. Because poor posture can become habitual with certain daily tasks such as typing at a computer or reading, attending physiotherapy Burlington ON may be necessary to develop new habits.

Breathing Problems

One surprising side-effect of slouching can be the tendency for shallower breaths. A plethora of issues can stem from this, including low blood-oxygen levels, panic attacks, high blood pressure, and sleep issues. When corrected, it is much easier to have a better flow of oxygen.


Another unfortunate drawback to poor posture is the increase of migraines and tension headaches. When a person slumps, the pressure in their neck and shoulders builds up. This can result in frequent, painful headaches and migraines.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Poor posture can put pressure on the lower abdomen, which forces stomach acid in the wrong direction. Especially after a meal, this can cause frequent heartburn, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and other gastrointestinal difficulties. When posture is corrected, this allows for a better, more natural flow throughout your intestinal area.

It is clear that poor posture has many unfortunate effects on the human body. While it may seem daunting to change all at once, it can certainly impact the overall function of the body. People who are intimidated by the idea may consider setting an alarm on their phone to remind themselves to correct their posture every few hours. Little changes can make a big impact.

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