You can lose weight without dieting!

Dieting is the worst thing there is, right? You are forced to radically eliminate your favorite foods from your diet, it is difficult to eat at any restaurant and besides all, and you feel hungry all the time!

Who would like to go through this? Well do I have good news! To lose weight do not have to dedicate yourself to dieting…

I have a great council that will help you lose weight…

Weight lose without diet

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Without dieting!

It may seem too good to be true, but these tips really work. I recommend to my friends and clients, and you know what…

I put them into practice every day! So pay attention, because today you will learn how you can lose weight…

Without making a diet more!

Schedule your meals

I am seriously. Try to eat for 20 minutes. When you go to eat, look at your watch or cell and begins to eat.

Try to chew slowly so you can eat for 20 minutes, once the time is up, your fork down and stop eating.

In this way, you make sure you really enjoy every bite… And because you are eating more calmly, you give your body time to send the signal that you are full to your brain, this prevents overeat or want to eat dessert.

Buy new dishes

When you serve your food on smaller plates, you do not feel the need to serve so much food to fill the whole plate. Surely even, you will feel more satisfied when you can comfortably eat all the food from the plate.

Instead of using a large dinner plate, used for protein, a smaller plate as a plate for accompanying and serving your vegetables in a deep saucer.

In addition, for your drinks, it is best to always drink water, but if you decide to treat yourself, use tall, thin, glasses instead of wider vessels.

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Come soup

The soups are filled with flavorful meals, perfect to make us feel satisfied without eating many calories.

Some of my favorite soups are minestrone, tortilla soup or other broth-based soup. Whenever I can, I add to my soups a handful of vegetables.

You can eat soups for lunch or dinner, they are also extremely practical to carry and have lunch at work.

Above all soups, they are eaten very healthy and refreshing!

Sleep more

We all need that extra hour of sleep in the morning right?

Not only we would be much more alert and focused during the day, but we could also forget about the laziness that hits you at the beginning of the afternoon, when we no longer feel the effect of coffee in the morning.

However, what would you think if I tell you to sleep an hour helps you lose weight and forever?

Studies have shown that this is true. Sleep helps us lose weight mainly because we do not do things like binge eating while watching television. Scientists say sleeping more can help reduce your caloric intake by 6 percent!

Cooking at home

Cook your meals at home will help you lose weight and reduce measures. Studies have shown that eating just 5 home-cooked meals, can help you lose weight significantly. This is probably due to the hidden preservatives that have the foods you eat on the street, and the amount of oil they use to cook.

Instead, when you cook at home, you have complete control over what you prepare and how you prepare and this usually helps to greatly reduce the amount of calories in food.

Make activity to burn 100 calories

Did you know that if you do any activity where you burn 100 calories more a day, you lose 10 lbs this year?

An activity to burn 100 calories easily!

  • Walk with your pet for 20 minutes …
  • Cut the grass in your garden …
  • Sweeping or vacuuming the floor of your home …
  • Jogs for 10 minutes …
  • You see, it is very simple!

It incorporates some of these activities to your daily routine and you will get positive results at the end of the year.

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Add more vegetables to your plate

Instead of serving one or two vegetables for dinner, help yourself more variety. Therefore, you eat more vegetables without realizing it – also fill you up faster due to high fiber and other nutrients they contain.

You probably end up eating more vegetables than anything else. You just have to make sure to cook the vegetables in a healthy way. Use coconut oil if you are going to fry or you can roast in the oven with a little sea salt and olive oil.

Season with a little pepper and lemon juice completely prevents bottle dressings and butter, so you will save a lot of calories.

Dieting is not the only way to lose weight. In addition, I am living proof of this theory!

I lost 55 lbs and good nutrition was the key to achieving this. It incorporates these councils to my daily routine helped me control the size of my portions … An eating nutritious foods … You burn more calories … And to feel more confident and better than ever. In addition, you can achieve the same results as well. Consult your GP for medication like Xenical, a popular weight loss treatment!

What are your favorite ways to lose weight without dieting? What techniques have you worked successfully to lose weight? Share your opinion in the comments section below!

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