10 Yoga poses to help with anxiety

You do not have to suffer from anxiety to enjoy yoga, but these 10 postures will definitely help you if you do. The average adult experiences mild anxiety occasionally, it is a natural reaction to episodes of stress and crisis situations. However, if you suffer from some form of great anxiety, then you know what it is to live in your own personal hell.

Anxiety can take a toll on your body and mind, the deterioration of their health and quality of life. There are tons of drugs on the market that a doctor can prescribe for you that help control anxiety levels important, but they come with a bag of side effects that simply do not want. If possible, you should always try to find healthy, natural ways to alleviate things like stress, anxiety or depression.

Often, people suffer in silence and shut themselves in their own minds and bodies to cope with the overwhelming feeling that anxiety brings. But it does not have to be like that. Yoga, for example, is an excellent source of natural ease when it comes to this. Much has been practiced in many cultures and for good reason. You cannot only help with anxiety, but also touches other aspects of your life. Things like weight control and joint pain. But for now, let’s talk 10 positions of easy and impressive yoga to relieve your anxiety.


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Things you will need:

  • A yoga mat or a soft surface to sit
  • A quiet space with uninterrupted time
  • Comfortable and unlimited clothing

1. The “easy position”

If you deal with normal anxiety, then you know how to look for signs. Our breathing becomes rapid and shallow, as we can take a break or slow down. This control may help relieve immediately the mind and body and help you get out of a panic attack.

You have probably seen this posture in the movies, but that’s because it is one of the most popular. To do this pose, sit straight up and cross your legs Indian style. Let your knees rest and fall to the ground, but keeping the back strong and straight. Place one hand on each knee and close your eyes. Concentrating on its core, pay attention to your breathing and consider how to take a breath in and out, carefully, begin to decrease each inhalation and exhalation until you are calm.

I often do this position in the mornings when I wake up, like a good way to start my day; quiet and serene. It will put a great mentality to carry out the rest of the day’s events.

2. The “position of cat and cow”

When it comes to an anxiety attack or long periods of stress come with it, your muscles start to tense and experience something called body rigidity. Our shoulders get tight and it is difficult to calm down once you are at this stage.

However, in order to loosen the stiffness, we need encouragement to our full potential. That’s why this movement consists of two positions; the cat and cow. These are put in poses that allow the lungs inhale and exhale to the maximum, allowing you to quickly gain control and shake tense shoulders.

Get on the mat, hands and knees on the floor. Then proceed to inhale while the cat poses arching your back in an upward motion, keeping the pleasant and straight arms is made. Then exhale making the shape of a cow by the arch of the lower back to the floor. Repeat this procedure until you feel your body loose.

3. Position “plank”

Not only is the plank position to work the abdominal muscles and strengthening the back, but also very good for stress and anxiety. Why do you ask? It’s only sustain itself in an upright position, after all. Well, it’s more complicated than that. The board requires strength of the large base, which can help increase confidence and reduce certain anxieties.

To make the pose, the simple lay face on the mat and prop your body up with your fingers and forearms. Keep straight and stiff back and focus on your breathing while maintaining the posture and participates in its core. It’s hard the first few times, but once you can hold the position for more than a minute, you start to see the results.

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4. The “folded position forward”

This particular position can be difficult to master at first, because it requires a strong lower back. But definitely worth it to practice because of the benefits it offers to help relieve anxiety.

Stand straight up on your mat, feet together, arms raised straight up in the air. Give a big breath and then exhale as you bend at the waist and down all upper body on the floor. Keep legs relaxed and straight. Basically, it is doubling its body in half. But the movement stimulates breath control and gives you a way to imagine the stress and worries that come out of your body.

5. The famous “tree position”

When you experience anxiety and stress an important daily level, you know what can make you feel disconnected and not well synchronized with everything around you. Well, the attitude of the tree can certainly help with that. It is famous for creating a form of control over the mind and body that help address anxiety in a major way.

Start by standing on the carpet, feet together, back straight. Then lift one foot to rest on the inner thigh of the other leg and bring their hands together in the chest. Control your breathing while holding that pose and you will begin to feel the earth between you.

6. The “position of the eagle”

This is a difficult decision, but it gets easier with time. It is another great pose to help feel as if you can pull it back together after becoming disjointed and dispersed anxiety.

To start, standing on the mat, crossing one leg over the other, and put the foot behind the other calf or knee. Then, keeping your back straight, bend your arms together in the same way and hold this position for a few minutes. It feels quite uncomfortable at first, but soon begin to feel yourself coming together.

7. The “position of the bridge”

The bridge pose is a great way to focus energy away from your mind racing and push the energy through your body to exit to the outside. It helps open the chest and increase better blood flow around your heart and major organs, which helps you keep control of your body.

Start by laying on the floor, face up. Bend your knees and the soles of both feet on the ground. Resting on your shoulders, lift your buttocks until your torso forms a slight curve in a straight line. Hold this position for a few minutes until you feel yourself calming.

8. The “position of the child”

The child’s pose is a great way to block out the world. Simply lie face down on the mat, resting her body on your knees, and the rest of the buttocks back on their feet

9. “Beam position”

When someone is having a panic attack and anxiety attack, the first thing they are told to do is concentrate on breathing, and crossing your arms over your chest. That’s why this position is so great to help with that.

Kneel on the floor and the rest of the buttocks on your feet. Sit with your back straight and arms crossed over your chest. Keep them there hard and concentrate on your breathing.

10. The “position of the body”

It may seem ridiculous and meaningless, but they raise the body is an excellent movement to help control the mind and body. You are in the most relaxed position that can possibly be in and you can concentrate on your breathing to calm down.

Tearing completely flat against the floor, face up, arms at your sides. Remain so until you are recovered.

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