The formula for happiness, new ways to deal with stress

Take on arms new ways to deal with stress, and any unpleasant situations and problems will begin to disappear, as if by magic.

Stress is not less harmful, than smoking!

Three hours before the delivery of the project, and the computer flew? Will you report to the CEO soon? In the evening, you need a party, where you do not know anyone? If it reminds you of your usual working day, do not be surprised. You do not suffer alone. Stress has become an integral part of our lives , many are not even aware , that such short bursts of stress – that is, it is the, stress, about which we talk so much horror stories. “It’s hard to believe, but the current average level of anxiety in the 50’s was considered clinical, “says psychologist Mark Williams. Prolonged stress can increase the risk of heart disease and even cancer. “If you are constantly experiencing stiffness in muscles, lack of concentration and headaches, then, the problem is already at the level of uncontrolled. “You cannot delay!” And it’s worth starting with the elimination of symptoms. With the professor, you cannot argue. We picked up a variety of effective methods, which will help you change your reaction and stay calm even in the most difficult life situations.

Create a sense of excess time

Now we seem to have no free time at all, and even standing in line, we have time to answer letters. Most likely, even while watching TV you manage to write a few letters and read “Twitter” or “Facebook”.

We used to do a lot of things in a short time. Employed at work, at home and even during the rest do not really relax. Such a routine causes a rather unpleasant feeling: it seems as if life is drawing to a close, and the minutes are flying too fast. Creating a sense of excess time can solve the problem. You will understand, that it is always possible to find a few hours on something important. How to arrange this? Spend 15 minutes a day, doing something enjoyable, but not so ,what should be done. This can be meditation, reading books and magazines or gardening.

deal with stress

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What “feeds” you?

Learn your diary.

Check records for the past year and decide, what would you like to do more often, but what would not mind to spend less time. What can you take right now, to avoid the usual mistakes?

Draw three clones on a piece of paper:

“Values,” “examples,” “changes.” In the first column, list the most important values for you, for example, kindness, courage, personal growth, honesty, creativity, constant knowledge of the new, etc. In the second column, opposite each of the values, indicate examples of actions that you do in your everyday life, which are the embodiment or reflection of these values. In the third write, that you could change, to fill the gaps, formed in the second column.

Eliminate additional stress

It turns out; the stress can be picked up, as the common cold! According to the study, one nervous person can “infect” the whole office with worry. In times that are difficult from an economic point of view, when people are afraid of a workplace, additional stress becomes almost inevitable.

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“Passive secondary stress can be just as devastating, like our own, – says Keri Kuper. – Some people are carriers of this “disease” and cause it in others. But not every “bearer of stress” will run around you in a fit of panic. Gloominess, cynicism or negative attitude is transmitted in an identical way. “Women are more likely to become “sponges” for negativity, as they are accustomed to interact on a more emotional level,” warns Susan Balfour. Therefore, if you feel, that the infected, make sure, that you have a “parachute”. They can become a holiday with friends, training in the gym or some hobby, but at least watching the series.

deal with stress

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Surrounded by the “bearer of mystress”?

  • Relax the muscles.

Repeating the body language of those who are nervous, you can absorb their anxiety. Tense muscles send a signal to the brain to produce chemicals that are responsible for anxiety. If you joined the company of such neurotics, put a reminder on your phone, to check the position of the body – the shoulders should not be hunched, and his jaw tense, breathing let remains calm.

  • Create an anti-stress bubble.

Imagine yourself a force field around, if you’re in a bubble, which blocks the penetration of another’s emotions, and negative energy waves are repelled by it. This will allow you to listen to, not absorbing negative. And if at work “the bearer of stress” sits at a nearby table, create a physical barrier between you, for example, put a pot of plant.

  • Carry out all actions with gentle touches.

Many of us are much more careful, than you need to, when they do the most basic things. Try constantly to pay attention, is not it too much you hold in your hands a handset of a mobile phone or the steering wheel of a car. Consciously I aimed at performing any of my actions with gentle and gentle touches.

Practice Creative Meditation

You’ll never guess, what a way to recognize the best to relieve mental stress. This is the usual knitting! the fact is that in the process of knitting we perform repetitive two-way movements , which means that we use both hands and , respectively , both hemispheres of our brain.

Research at Cardiff University show, that the double-acting better soothe our mind , rather than passive activities like reading a book or unilateral movement drawing type. Repeated actions stimulate the production of the soothing hormone serotonin.

Making yourself, stop thinking is very difficult. This is our natural state. But thanks to knitting it can be done. Repeating actions occupy precisely that part of the brain that is responsible for the experiences. By letting your brain rest from anxiety, you turn off the body’s response to stress. Visions daily, at least five minutes a day, and you can gradually reconfigure the “stressometer” and feel much calmer and more confident in yourself. But if you are not drawn to knitting, try to play a musical instrument, do modeling with clay or plasticine, cooking. The main thing, so that both hands are constantly involved in the process.

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