You have to accept it to combat anxiety

The anxiety presents itself in various forms. One of the most popular types is the one that strikes before a public presentation, an exam, or a job interview. There are many ways to fight it, but one in particular is very simple: accept it.

Having to speak in public is annoying most people. To this, one joins the anxiety of having to mask his nervousness, for fear of giving a negative impression. In an interview with Independent, former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent Joe Navarro explained that there are 3 simple exercises to combat these feelings.

Navarro is the author of the book “What Every Body Says?” a book about how to fight the anxiety that already in the wordplay game gives an answer. “What everyone (and all bodies) say”. The central point in Navarro is that everyone gets anxious at some point, so that there is no reason to shame or try to hide it.

“Stress is a natural phenomenon – it continues on the Independent – and trying to control it can make you crazy. It’s much simpler to admit with yourself: ‘I’m nervous, and others should know'”.

The strategy to combat anxiety, therefore, would consist of 3 “small” steps …

Admit with yourself to be nervous

Maybe it’s easier said than done. In stressful situations, it is crucial to find a way to calm down, and to accept to be nervous, does so. Nervousness is a natural and widespread emotion. Instead of fighting it, better “embrace” it, and let it go.

Slide down with the interlocutor

Once you have admitted it yourself, you have to admit your anxiety with others. Those who are listening will be far more comprehensive than we are concerned about. Say a phrase like, “Wow, it’s time to talk to so many people” will bring the audience to smile and identify themselves. This kind of reaction will attenuate tension and therefore stress.

Minimize tic

Over gesture, scratching, drumming with your hands and feet. These gestures can squeeze nervousness, but make it much more obvious to the interlocutor. They could lead to a kind of “meta-anxiety,” which is concerned to appear too nervous. Even here, instead of eliminating their tics, it’s better to accept them and try to stifle them. If you often try to touch your face for example, try to touch a part of the body less obvious, such as the leg below the table. Or, if you tend to play obsessively your hair, you better turn that gesture by slowing it down.

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