Tips for Parents with Anxiety Disorders

Anybody who suffers from an anxiety disorder knows how haunting they can be, sometimes brought on by nothing at all. For parents, kids can be especially difficult on your anxiety. Parents always want to have happy kids, but can’t always guarantee or control it. If you have kids and suffer from an anxiety disorder, here are some tips and pointers to hopefully ease the pressure on you and avoid a serious panic attack.

It’s OK to Say No

Kids, especially little kids, really like to have things their way. Well, news flash! Kids don’t run the show. As their parent it is absolutely your responsibility to take care of your kids… you don’t need to give them everything on a silver platter though. Tell your kids no every so often as well. You’re going to experience some resistance and fights but this is natural in parenting.

Give them Limited Choices

You don’t want to parent your kids like the dictator of a foreign country, but you can’t give them too much freedom from early ages either. One area this is apparent is in their clothing. To avoid fighting over what your young ones are going to wear buy several matching outfits from Carter’s, then let them decide which outfit they want to wear each day. Don’t allow mixing; just make them choose from the available options. This will eliminate fights over their clothes and make mornings go a lot more smoothly.

Make Time for You

At the end of the day your children mean the world to you, but you and your health also matter! Being a parent is not easy, especially if you suffer from an anxiety disorder. If you ever feel overwhelmed during the day have a plan. Maybe you need to take a walk or sit and meditate for a few minutes. Regardless, alone time is incredibly important when you have anxiety. Schedule time for someone else to care for your kids here and there so you can enjoy yourself occasionally. This is when you can have a glass of wine and try your hardest not to think of your life at home. Depending on you and your schedule, try to have as much alone time as possible away from the kiddos; it’ll make your time with them more special as well.

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