How to exfoliate your skin

Learn to exfoliate your skin. Know the benefits that exfoliation gives your skin and body. Exfoliation is ideal for removing all that you have left your skin and prepares it for best results treatments skin care you make you.

This technique is new in the world of cosmetics. Still, its origins date back to prehistoric eras when our ancestors used methods such as rubbing the skin with stones or bones crushed fruits, in order to obtain a smoother and softer skin.

Today exfoliates the beauty industry seeking the same objective through micro-particles or granules more advanced.

Exfoliate the skin you get a desired texture because doing eliminate dirt, makeup residue and especially dead cells on the surface. By removing this barrier creams and products that you apply penetrate more easily and depth allowing your skin better hydration, nutrition and use makeup.

Exfoliating products are designed to stimulate the peeling and removal of dead skin cells accumulated in the epidermis. For this reason, the skin looks radiant, young and smooth. Additionally avoids the appearance of imperfections to deep clean pores.

Exfoliate your skin

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10 Benefits you get to exfoliate your skin

  1. Prepare your skin for beauty treatments: At exfoliate your skin applies cosmetic treatments you want thanks to the optimal conditions is your skin and allow the absorption of any substance.
  2. Activate blood circulation: This technique is performed by a massage the skin allowing your blood flow is increased. By removing dead skin cells, new reorganized which is great for preventing aging.
  3. Combat acne: Exfoliates kept clean the pores of the skin, which is ideal if you have oily skin, since you to exfoliate your skin avoid the fat to accumulate in your pores clogging and resulting in the formation of grains, pimples and blackheads.
  4. Tones and restores your skin: Most exfoliating products that are in the market, give it to your skin minerals, essential oils, vitamins and trace elements that nourish leaving firmer, more luminous and youthful appearance. The softness and the new look of the skin is the most immediate benefit to restore your skin.
  5. Reduces stains: This technique is a great complement to diminish the appearance of spots on your skin and restore the natural tone of your skin. Remember that every day and pollution, your skin can dull and dark. In doing so regularly, you managed to prevent this from happening.
  6. Facilitates self-tanning skin: By removing the skin texture dead cells it becomes more uniform which prevents self – tanner accumulate in different areas and leave a finished patches.
  7. Allows an even tan: If you’re going on holiday, the ideal is to exfoliate your skin before exposure to the sun, so your skin will take a more even tone.
  8. Prolongs tan your skin: If you want to keep longer the golden effect on your skin, then exfoliate vacation it is a great idea. Although some think that the color will fall, actually remove more cells will highlight burned tone and prevent your skin is flaking.
  9. Rejuvenate your skin: When you renew your skin cells are removed frown lines and wrinkles in your skin are reduced, achieving the rejuvenation you so desire.
  10. Prepare your skin for makeup: If exfoliate your skin before makeup, it will have more grip, will last longer and you will look spectacular. The difference in the makeup finish instantly noticeable, check it out!

Who can use a scrub?

If your skin is oily, avoid massage it in excess because you could stimulate the sebaceous glands making your skin look brighter.

Virtually anyone can use. There are methods that are gentle and appropriate for the face and other body stronger. All skin types can benefit from this technique, but it is important not to do it too often and use the products correctly.

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Except for sensitive skin, it is best that you perform 1 time per week. An excess can cause itching and irritation, because would perform accelerated cell renewal. If you have any special status with your skin, it is best to consult with your dermatologist.

What are the types of exfoliation?

There are 2 types of exfoliating products: mechanical and chemical. Mechanical formulas contained in their granules, synthetic molecules or particles that help remove dead skin cells. For your application you can use brushes the skin on your face or body or special electronic devices.

In both cases circular movements that facilitate penetration of the product and soil removal are performed. These products are ideal for normal skin, must be applied correctly and completely remove them from the skin with water.

Chemical exfoliates include substances such as alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids and salicylic acid dissolve dead skin cells through a chemical process. They are best suited for oily skin and mixed.

For sensitive skin those listed are those containing enzymes that dissolve dead skin cells without rubbing, minimizing the risk of inflammation and abuse of your skin.

Choose the most appropriate exfoliating product

Exfoliates come in different forms, textures and even aromas. Your choice depends on your taste and your skin type. The creams are ideal for you if you have dry or normal skin. If your skin is oily or has acne, introduced gel is better. Finally, if your skin is sensitive or reactive, the best option is a light lotion.

In the market you can also get other alternatives such as wet wipes to clean can also exfoliate your skin at the same time. Recommended for oily or combination skin, but you can find them for different types of skin. They are a quick alternative for those who have little time.

Mittens, sponges or loofah normal complement this treatment. Since perform a more rigorous friction are ideal for your body and not your skin. The pumice stones are useful for areas with thicker skin such as elbows, knees and soles of your feet.

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As for the aromas, you just have to choose the ones you like and relax with the different sensations. The important thing is that you make sure you choose the right one for your skin type.

If what you want is to prepare your own scrub at home, you know the homemade recipes that I share here with you, ideal for naturally exfoliate your skin.

Put into practice your skin exfoliation!

To exfoliate your face, apply the product with the granules in the skin of your neck and skin avoiding eye area, then gently takes a superficial massage. Then rinse with water or remove with a damp towel and dry your skin. You’ll notice the benefits instantly.

If the product is for peeling suggest read and follow the label directions or your dermatologist. Generally be applied to the face, let it dry and remove later. Be careful as they can be very strong for dry or sensitive skin.

To exfoliate your body I suggest you do it when you’re in the shower and wet skin. You should always rub in a circular motion and upwards. For this, use a sponge and devotes more energy in areas of the shoulders, knees, lower legs and upper arms and thighs.

Another option is realizable the body scrub at a spa. The chocolate therapy is a technique used recently. Usually they offer complete to exfoliate and moisturize your skin, which can take from time to time to pamper packages. This is an excellent plan to go with your partner, your mom or your best friend. For more beauty tips visit

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