How to cure the sadness day after day

Sunlight can be a big help. Do not let the sadness to stop you from going out. Wake up each day with the intention of challenging the world inside.

It is possible that at this very moment you are going through a bad time. It may be something happened in your life or try existential emptiness difficult to explain. Sadness sometimes overwhelms us, stifling our heart. How to heal it?

cure the sadness

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How to win the sadness gradually

Chronic sadness is the substrate of the depression. We must be careful. You have to think of the sadness such a disease that must be cured, like a muscle that grows and is strengthened and that pummels our energy with all possible force. It is one of the strongest feelings.

What usually makes us sad? Perhaps you believe that people are very different from each other, that each of us travel in their own personal universe. However, in reality all we are hurt by the same things. To all hurt the same situations: the feeling of loneliness, not being understood or respected; we suffer the scorn and abuse, lies and betrayals.

And sometimes we suffer without knowing why. For an inner emptiness? To have arrived at a point in our lives where we realize that we are not completely satisfied? Sometimes it happens, is a normal thing. We explain what tips you can follow to rationalize the sadness and get rid of it naturally.

1. Identify what hurts you

It may seem obvious, but it is not always easy. Sometimes it is an accumulation of things: something that made your partner, the feeling of not doing what you actually want to do, but what people expect from you, a disappointment …. Sometimes the sadness does not have a single color, but a complex range that you have to know how to decipher.

2. Do not be passive, to leave home

The liability imprisons us as a climbing plant. Can not be outdone. If you start to want to stay alone at home, not to go out with loved ones, putting aside the social relations and preferring to stay in the darkness of your bedroom, depression will have the better of you. Not permeability! Find the energies that you own and do not win, because they deserve to be happy and remember that any pain is fleeting; that every problem sooner or later it exceeds. Nothing is eternal and you have the right to find your peace of mind. Will face more positively the day when getting up in the morning you will say to yourself, “Today I’m fine. Today will conquer the world.”

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3. The sadness as a moment’s reflection to be stronger

As it is commonly said, there is no sunset to be won by the rising of the sun; i.e. no punishment is eternal. What today makes you feel so bad it will not last forever. Everything will calm down and will always better. You have to understand the sadness as a time of reflection, a time when you can look inside to heal, to repair the “damage” and also to make some decisions. This reflection is born from sadness should allow you to open your eyes to the correct direction. You have to be brave, to know that you deserve to be happy and to be afraid to make the right decisions for you today can make you frustrated tomorrow. Have no doubt, therefore, strengthen your self-esteem, stronger out of this dark tunnel that is the sadness.

4. Asking for help is sometimes necessary

Do not think you can deal with everything ourselves. A helping hand, a shoulder to cry on and a face that looks at you with sincere look when you put your trust, can be of great help. However, choose the right person to do it. Some people are not able to listen, someone cares more for himself and is not open to other people’s problems. Surely among your friends there is a person who always says the most appropriate words for you, which does not matter what time it is to welcome you home and listen to you … let us help you. Loneliness is not good when sadness there is invading.

5. Look for a daily distraction

The episodes of sadness must help us to learn, to take new paths and get stronger.

When you get up in the morning, affix a goal. Something you stimuli and that obligations to get out of bed, get dressed, to feel attractive and that makes you want to come out of the house. Subscribe to some courses: painting, yoga, dance …. something that will force you to keep your mind and your body busy in any project, no matter how small.

It is imperative that you find a way in the things around you: in the smile of your children, the partner who loves you, friends and family members who are always close. Think about your pet that always wants to be in your company, that walk in the park that you used to do. Plan a trip, long or short, to get away from the daily grind. Set yourself a goal and think about what to do to achieve it.

In this way, day after day, with this burning spark, able to burn off the lethargy of sadness. This evil that expands and does not allow you to see how beautiful life. Take care of yourself, be happy every day. You deserve it.

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