Natural Remedies For Stress

Combat stress can be hard every day, help with natural remedies solution. This tension has often been in the working origin or in everyday situations. To influence can also be the possibility of changes, potentially outside of your control, as well as the pace of life too fast and full of challenging activities for our body.

Stress can be dealt with natural remedies. The solutions are varied, ranging from herbal medicine herbalism to the techniques of relaxation and tension melting muscular and mental. It is also important to the proper management of your lifestyle, which must always be compatible with the physical and psychological resources available to the individual.

Plays an important role nutrition, which must be able to provide in the diet everyday substances can help the body cope with stress and to restore the proper production of substances such as norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. Its importance is high, as are used respectively to regulate the body’s energy levels and avoid a constant feeling of fatigue, to adjust the daily rhythm sleep / wake and finally to the endorphins control (feeling of contentment, alleviation of pain sensation etc.).

Here is some natural remedy that can help in this case, to be followed a few tips related to nutrition and useful exercises to regain your inner balance. As usual, the advice is always to check with your doctor about possible interactions of the proposed solutions with any medications or with specific autoimmune reactions of your organism.

Natural remedies

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) and passionflower (Passiflora incarnate) are certainly two of the most recommended natural remedies with regard to stress. Both for relaxing and soothing action, these two solutions provide not only a general lowering of the voltage levels, but also promote a physiological restorative sleep. Very appreciated in the form of infusions, as also of essential oils (15 drops for passionflower or 3 for the lemon balm, both 2-3 times a day), available in herbal medicine. Another natural supplements phosphatidylserine is better for both physical and mental stress, and it also helps to improve muscle capacity.

Melissa is often included in the composition of infusions along with two other remedies rather known and effective, also useful in case of insomnia or crisis anxiety: chamomile and valerian. While the infusion of the first is a classic and is a base for many relaxing infusions, the second can also be used chewing the roots.

If you choose mixtures containing chamomile, lemon balm, valerian and passionflower are worth recalling that certainly will ensure a decrease in your level of stress, but also a certain sedative and then drowsiness. Preferring them when you can indulge in a little rest, preferably in the evening before going to sleep.

The opposite of what is recommended regarding the use of ginseng, a natural energizer that provide support in the regulation of daily rhythms, and in addressing the challenges and hardships of the day. Same goes for rhodiola, the guarana and eleuterocco, advised the evening, but effective to reinvigorate the body before starting the activities of everyday life.

Power and Useful Tips

The power must try to make up for many deficiencies during the day, while in some cases it is advisable to avoid all substances that in various ways change the balance of the body. First of all should be avoided the abuse of alcoholic beverages, if possible minimized or totally eliminated. Same for the coffee, smoking, while it is also opportune a drastic decrease in chocolate consumption.

Better also reduce foods and drinks with added sugar, while decidedly unwelcome are fruits, carrots, lettuce, centrifuges with vegetables and obviously those foods associated with healthy eating such as broccoli, spinach, and other “superfoods”. Useful in these cases can also show an integration of vitamin B6.

As in the case of anxiety, including with regard to the stress, it is possible to rely on some of the oriental relaxation practices. The Zen breathing can be an effective help, especially if combined with sessions meditation. Finding your inner balance is one method that are more valid in defending yourselves from stress, as well as regularly practicing yoga or Chinese gymnastics. Another practice that can reduce tension and restore the balance of your emotions in a draw is the Tai Chi Chuan. Do not also forget the importance of a light but daily physical activity.

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