7 Practical tips to reduce anxiety

In most cases, the stress rises in view of future situations that have not yet been verified. Recognize stress is the first step to combat it.

Nowadays, many people suffer from anxiety and stress. The pace of life that we support is increasingly urgent and very often end up become he stressed. However, there is a remedy: find seven practical tips here to reduce anxiety.

Deep breathing instead of surface

Deep breathing can help reduce stress and bring oxygen to the brain aiding concentration. Most people do not know how you breathe deeply, which is why so shallow breathing, which can cause hyperventilation.

Put your hand on your stomach and relax your belly naturally. Later, breathe deeply and notice how your belly and chest are raised. When you do you think of some aspect of breathing, such as the expansion of the lungs with air or air itself passing in the nasal cavity. Hold your breath for three seconds and then exhale through your mouth. If you do five deep breaths three times, a day can reduce a large extent the level of anxiety.

Many people derive benefits from deep breathing while sitting. It is an integral part of the reduction of anxiety, which cannot be ignored. The most important thing is to give the mind something else to focus beyond the tensions of the day. Breathing deeply is a great distraction.

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Muscle relaxation

Also slowly contract your muscles and then relax them is very important. You get two results: the muscles relax naturally that are already tense because of stress and there is distracted, allowing you to focus on something else.

Stretch the muscle groups, pull them for 5-10 seconds and then release them. You can do this several times for each group of muscles, depending on which to choose. For example, you can start with the feet and ankles, and then move on to the wrists, arms and shoulders. Finally, squeeze and stretch the neck and face.

In the morning or evening, in the supine position the right leg crossed over the body and turns your hips so that your knee touches the floor. Do the same with the other leg. You can also bring your knees toward your chest and so on.

Connect to ground

When seated to think only of your anxiety level with the hope that steps alone preregister things. The trick is in the ground, imagine yourself in a concrete activity that brings you back to reality. This will remind you to feel good, distract your mind doing the concrete work in the house as clean, wash and tidy up the closet or you can read, do a crossword puzzle, or call a friend. Another solution is to arrange a stress ball to squeeze or some on hand object on which to focus your attention. Do not stay sitting at home alone watching television.


Replacement techniques have been around for years, but they only work if you know how to use them. When you have a negative thought that is causing you anxiety, you say “stop.” Write it down and then started an alternative thought. The alternative thoughts are simple thoughts, more rational that give us a feeling of peace.

For example, if you fear being laid off because recently you happen to miss a very important, stop immediately and replace this thought meeting with a more rational thought : “I am simply a person and I cannot always predict the traffic. My self-esteem is not dependent on being a model employee.”

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Driving pictures

Close your eyes and try to think of a safe place that is peaceful and calm. It could be your home, a beach, a forest, or the company of a loved one or a pet. So imagine you are there and you welcome this experience with open arms. What are the sounds, the smells and the particular images you see? Be specific and continue to deepen the details of the images until you feel that your stress level is lowered. Try to do it twice a day.

Accept the anxiety

Accept the anxiety symptoms is the first step towards reducing its influence over you. You agree to be afraid and examined the negative thoughts you have. It is a danger or a nuisance? Most of the time anxiety is an early type that is when we feel close to the panic of future things that have not yet happened or things that never happen. Not deduce that just because you are agitated must be a hidden danger somewhere. Anxiety disseminates our thoughts and leads us to be negative.

Physical activity

We all know that doing physical activities free endorphins, the responsible of the increase in the mind’s ability to lift the mood and feel good. Doing exercise is not just heavy cardio activities or going to the gym for three hours every day. It simply means to be as active as possible, such as walking 15-30 minutes once or twice a day.

Can mean also go biking, a short walk but fast, play tennis or golf. It means also follow a yoga class or Pilates. As you become more active you. If you are TV-dependent, your ability to lift your mood and reduce anxiety are scarce, so get busy.

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