Keys to overcome anxiety

Self help for anxiety

Many are the people who suffer, but very few who know you can beat, as long as a positive and cheerful outlook on life is maintained. Discover the keys to overcome your anxiety.

Do you suffer from anxiety? You tend to comment that anxiety is itself one of those “diseases” that accompany day to day changing times in which we live.

This is because, today, is likely to be much more aware of those “problems” that, psychologically, will affect mostly measured in each daily activity.

Overcome Anxiety

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And, just as there are different and that different subjects, each person is given a type of anxiety different. Whatever yours, will affect more or less direct way, according to the current situation in which you find yourself.

Not surprisingly, some theories have suggested that it could associate the origin of this modified brain neurotransmitters, given that experiments conducted on animals showed that stimulation of specific brain areas (like the locus coeruleus, where they are Nerve cells that use noradrenaline), it caused a sensation similar to fear; Indeed, in a sense, it could be assimilated with anxiety.

But, to get to understand in what way it affects you, you should know what would be the different symptoms that makes its appearance; especially because this way you will know if actually suffer or not.

Symptoms of Anxiety

The main symptoms you will find two distinct types: mental and physical. Both differ in how and where they are expressed.

  1. Psychological symptoms: Nervousness, stress, excessive concern for yourself and / or others, terrible desire to mourn, or insomnia, are some of the most common forms.
  2. Physical symptoms: Dizziness, nausea, palpitations, weakness, increased sweating, tremors, respiratory rate, and even irritable colon.

Can you beat anxiety?

While they say that if you are an anxious person, you will be for life, there is nothing more wrong than this expression, and an even more wrong attitude would not do anything to fight your anxiety.

And, although it is true that, once it appears, it is difficult to control, no one has said that it is impossible. Fundamentally, because as a person, you have the power-and faculty-to take things more calmly, with greater tranquility, with the various facts and events that you may occur, much more positively.

You must think that situations “ideal” or “perfect” does not exist, and that every experience that happens to you, however painful it may be, can become another opportunity to learn, to live day by day with those little lessons that the smallest issues offer.

Nor should you, although in some circumstances it is really unavoidable, worrying so much about the various problems that you may arise; especially those smaller than would solution themselves.

In this case, it would be interesting that you adopt a good phrase; I would say that almost everything has a solution, why worry? And if you do not, why do you care?

You must not forget that precisely these everyday concerns are those that cannot increase or your anxiety level.

Of course, the best way is that you adopt a positive attitude to life, and with a certain serenity affronts different and various mishaps that may occur.

Because, yes, nobody said life was easy, but a beautiful experience you grow day to day.

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