5 Ways to Use Tech for De-Stressing on a Mental Health Day

Mental health days, whether planned in advance or used as needed, allow you to step back from daily responsibilities. They allow you to de-stress while also avoiding overwhelm and burnout. Here are some creative ways to rest and recharge if you’re taking a mental health day, or you can just opt for games at newzealandcasinos if the article looks too long.

Mental illness

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Rest and Track Your Sleep

Resting is one of the best ways for many people to spend a mental health day. This is especially true if you’ve had a few nights of poor sleep.

If you want to get your sleep schedule back on track, an app like Mintal Tracker can help. It monitors your sleep quality over time and encourages you to drift off gently with the help of calming sleep sounds.

Explore the many meditations, audio relaxation guides, and white noise options available from the Tracker screen. These resources can help you calm your mind whether you’re trying to nap, go to bed early, or simply zone out for a few minutes. You can also choose to play some relaxing games at real money pokies.

Meanwhile, the sleep tracking features to track how much time you spend sleeping each night. They also take note of how much time you spend in deep versus light sleep, as well as whether or not you snore. The app even checks the ambient noise in your room to see if it is too noisy for you to sleep well. Finally, another feature reminds you to go to bed on time, so you’re all set for a good night’s sleep every night.

Watch Your Favorite Shows

If all you want to do is rewatch a favourite show, that’s fine. According to Social Psychological and Personality Science, watching familiar shows can help you regain your sense of self-control. Dive into your favourite comfort show to relax and unwind without putting any stress or demands on you in the real world.

Check out some of the best TV streaming services to catch up on old favourites or discover new shows. Even if you know each story by heart, it’s always fun to see your favourite characters again.

Take a Mindful Walk

With the Paceful: Mindful walking app, you can turn your walk around the park into a meditative experience. With the Mindful Walking section, you can learn the fundamentals of walking meditation and then choose additional audio content based on your interests.

Perhaps you’d like to incorporate mindfulness into your daily dog walks. You can also go for a walk that is specifically designed to relieve stress.

On the Home screen, you can see your total mileage and the number of minutes you’ve listened to the app over time. Meanwhile, the Discover screen lists all of the different types of walks you can take, and Rivaldo’s wife will love it.

For the most part, these walking meditations are an excellent way to get some exercise while practising mindfulness and reflection. While some content is free, the majority of the app requires a subscription.

Volunteer to Help Others

Spend the day helping your community by using the Golden Volunteer Opportunities app, which offers both in-person and virtual volunteering opportunities. Enter your location on the Discover screen to find organizations in your area that could benefit from your assistance. Look for opportunities to teach English online, collect items for virtual charity drives, or even assist organizations in building their social media presence.

You can also look on websites like VolunteerMatch and Gov.uk for more ways to help. You’re likely to find a fantastic organization that can put your skills to immediate use.

Eat a Delicious, Healthy Meal

Give yourself a special lunch or dinner. If you feel like going out, reserve a table using an app like OpenTable or Resy. A fantastic meal can lift your spirits like nothing else, whether you’re dining with friends or dining alone.

Check out the Innit app for homemade meals, which walks you through the entire cooking process. Simply enter your eating preferences (such as vegetarian or dairy-free meals) during setup, then browse the recipe options.

Recipes for salads, wraps, and quinoa bowls can be found in the Healthy section. Browse the Search screen for soups, kabobs, bento bowls, pasta, and burgers for even more options. There’s probably a recipe on Innit for almost any cuisine you’re craving.

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