4 Fitness Apps to Compete with Friends to Reduce Weight and Improve Health

It takes a lot of work to lose weight or get fit on your own. While some people have internal motivation, many others find that friendly rivalry with friends gives them the boost they need to start moving. With the help of these Apps, you can compete with friends to walk more, count, step, play games from Australian casino sites, and lose weight


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Competish (Android, iOS): Lose Weight to Win Cash in Weekly Matches and Tournaments

Competish is focused on one thing: losing weight. Everyone may start a group and invite their friends and family to join. Each participantĀ is required to put in a set amount of money, which goes into the groupĀ pot. The group creator must decide in advance regarding the quantity. You must also decide how long the competition will last.

Every week, Competish will pair you with a different participant based on the size of your group. You must take daily weight measurements with fitness tracker apps or with a camera as verification. The winner of each week receives a little portion of the prize money. The highest-weight loser (or loser(s)) receives the remaining prize money when the overall deadline is reached.

Although the game can be played without spending any money, the purpose of the app is to provide a clear incentive for weight loss. Competish thinks that awards, not bragging rights, are what ignite the competitive spirit needed for such a competition. You can also check out the competition at online pokies real money if you love playing games.

BetterTogether (Android, iOS): Simple Weight Loss Competitions for Groups

One of the most well-liked apps on the internet for organizing a competition to lose weight with friends, family, or coworkers is BetterTogether. After creating a group, you can include any number of people, however, the developers advise keeping groups to a maximum of 15 people. The duration of the challenge can be decided by the designer, and a reward can be added at the conclusion.

The pro version of BetterTogether comes with several extra tools to enhance your weight loss efforts. This features a daily objective for floors climbed, a daily step counter and goal (and a step competition with other users), reminders to drink water and a way to track daily glasses, and inspirational messages. Detailed charts for tracking your progress with various information, like weight, BMI, steps, etc., are included in BetterTogether Pro.

Outmuscle Me (Web): Create Exercise Challenges to Compete With Friends

Outmuscle Me allows you to design complicated fitness challenges in addition to the basic step counting and weight reduction tasks. Steps, planks, sit-ups, squats, push-ups, dips, pull-ups, cycling, running, swimming, rowing, skipping, yoga, battle ropes, extensions, and jumping jacks are among the exercises currently on the list. Any or all of these exercises may be chosen by the challenge organizer, and each participant may register their participation in terms of reps and sets, distance, or time.

Of course, not all exercises are created equal. As a result, each activity is assigned points, which the group creator can modify. For instance, a sit-up can be worth 0.4 points whereas a push-up is worth 1 point. Participants receive points for logging their activities, which are then shown on the group leaderboard. So, you can compete with your buddies for total fitness even if you engage in various types of exercise.

A built-in workout tracker is also available in Outmuscle Me to record exercises, add any additional details, and view your activity streak. It appears that there is no restriction on the number of challenges you may set up or the number of participants you can invite. The ability to create custom exercises is available in the options, but when we used it, we were unable to access the exercise in our dashboard.

Challenge Accepted (Android, iOS): Create Custom Fitness Challenges With Friends

None of the aforementioned applications offers a lot of customizing options for the layout of the fitness challenge you will do with your friends. Enter Challenge Accepted, a free app that allows you to completely customize your challenges (whether they are fitness-related or not).

You can design challenges that are either list-based or calendar-based. A challenge with a deadline, such as “give up sweets for 30 days,” requires you to mark off each day that you were successful. A list of the challenge’s goals is made by the creator in a list-based challenge, and you cross them off as you succeed.

You can compete in a wide range of public challenges on Challenge Accepted, but you won’t see any other competitors. Once your friends begin the same challenge as you, you can only follow their progress when you add them. You can receive reminders from the app for various challenges on various days and at times.

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