5 Best Completely Free Health Apps From Nonprofits

Almost everyone has at least one health app on their phone. While your phone most likely comes with a default health app, there are numerous other options available.

While many of these apps are paid, there are many completely free options available from nonprofit organizations. These apps are intended to assist users in improving their physical and mental health, tracking fitness goals, managing chronic conditions, and improving theirĀ overall well-being while they indulge in some games from stellarspins at the same time.

Below are six of the best nonprofit health apps that are completely free.

MindShift – Anxiety Canada

Mindshift is an excellent health app from Anxiety Canada, a registered nonprofit organization that provides self-help resources and aims to raise anxiety awareness. The Mindshift app allows you to track your moods and gain a better understanding of your emotions over time.

You can track your anxiety using the slider on the home page. It can even show you a graph of how anxious you’ve been over the last few days, making it easier to track your anxiety levels and identify patterns.

For those who want to learn more about anxiety in general, the app offers plenty of informativeĀ resources, such as identifying causes and taking action.

Also, you can employ tools like breathing exercises, visualization exercises, and a tool for positive thinking. You can also consider playing some relaxing games from newzealand casino as they will help you in a long way.

Mindfulness Coach – VA USA

The VA has another outstanding health app, called Mindfulness Coach. it’s one of the top free meditation applications for mindfulness training and thinking control.

Via a series of exercises, you can use the app to cultivate mindfulness. Also, there is a section with materials that will help you learn more about the advantages of mindfulness and how to apply it to your daily life.

Also, you can utilize a progress tracker to routinely practice mindfulness and document your development. This will enable you to assess your development based on several levels.

29k: Mental Health & Wellbeing – 29k

According to a calculation, each person has an average lifespan of 29,000 days, hence the term “29k.” The app encourages you to make use of every day to the fullest.

It features quizzes, exercises, specific meditations, challenges, and even a tracker so you can check in every day and monitor your moods. This software, in contrast to others on the list, also includes courses in additional languages, such as French or Ukrainian.

29k contains everything you need, including guided meditations for handling various life traumas like loss or grief and an app to help you understand and manage stress.

There are even community tools that let you locate various groups on the app, schedule a call with them, and collaborate by getting together once a week. This can be a great choice for those who struggle to maintain an exercise routine.

Headspace – Headspace Health

Headspace is on this list even though it is a for-profit company with a charity division. The extremely well-liked meditation app Headspace provides a variety of breathing and meditation exercises.

This is a fantastic app if anxiety has been bothering you or if you have trouble falling asleep. There are many workouts accessible for different times of the day, including methods for enhancing your focus, mobility, and other factors.

One of Headspace’s best features is that it provides specific workouts for various demographics, including contemplative exercises for parents, teenagers, adults, and others.

Headspace has a lot to offer, from practising mindful dining to appropriately controlling your breathing. Even training sessions and teachings from well-known media figures are included.

Headspace has a lot to offer, from practising mindful dining to appropriately controlling your breathing. Even training sessions and teachings from well-known media figures are included.

Healthy Minds Program – Healthy Minds Innovation

The Healthy Minds Program is a top-notch health software that provides a variety of training to aid with mindfulness development. It offers a variety of programs, ranging from setting up a foundation to learning how to control physical pain and discomfort.

The Healthy Minds Program provides training and activities to reduce stress and increase awareness, as well as guided and unguided meditations (both short and long).

To better your meditation, you can utilize tools like practice timers, track your progress, and favourite your often-used meditations. For people who are always on the go and need to improve their focus, this is a great app.

It offers practice meditations that you can do before going to sleep, ranging from little one-minute instruction to lengthy 30-minute sessions. The software employs an interactive “path” to guide you as you step-by-step progress through smaller lessons.

The amount of classes and meditations likewise rises as you progress. It’s a great option for folks who wish to use technology to practice mindfulness-based stress reduction because the guided classes are some of the best you’ll find.

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