Interesting myths about sleep

Each of you probably heard that a person eats up to about 8 insects a year during sleep. This fact has become a real legend about the dream, about which the entire planet has heard. Recently it became interesting to me, and what other interesting “sleepy” facts exist? Having rummaged on the Internet, I found many facts and legends, with the most interesting of them I would like to share with you.


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Snoring does not depend on where you are sleeping

As it turned out, one of the biggest misconceptions about sleep is that if you fall asleep on your back, and at the same time snore, it will help a coup on your stomach or on your side. Snoring is absolutely independent of the position in which a person has preferred to fall asleep. Snoring causes interruption of air flow in the nose or throat. There are also many other reasons why a person can snore – allergies, narrow nasal passages, taking alcohol and drugs before bed.

Lost sleep hours can be restored on weekends

If a person for some reason has not slept for a couple of hours on weekdays, then “catch up” the missed sleep can be on the weekend. However, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania argue that such a device can not be taken for permanent arming, because the human body is very susceptible to such changes. This opportunity to restore lost energy on weekends can help a person only sometimes, at those moments when the body really needs it. Scientists say that in no case do you need to apply this practice in your life on an ongoing basis. Just know if the sleep schedule is a little lost, then without any problems balance it on the weekend, allowing yourself to sleep a couple of extra hours.

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Alcohol does not help to sleep

The widespread myth that a couple of glasses of alcoholic beverages before going to bed will make a person better relax and contribute to a sound sleep, is already too deeply rooted in the minds of many people. In fact, I learned that alcohol does not help to fall asleep, but, quite the contrary, it negatively affects some phases of sleep.

Studies of the World Community of Scientists studying the effects of alcohol on the body have proved that hot drinks do help some people sleep more, but most often taking alcohol before bedtime reduces the quality of rest and causes discomfort in the last stages of sleep. Because of such violations, a person can wake up in the middle of the night and face the problem of falling asleep again.

A person needs less time to sleep in old age

Another long-established myth, about which many of you probably know. Indeed, each of us probably noticed that our grandparents get up very early and at the same time they can lie down quite late at the hour. But scientists who studied the causes of Alzheimer’s disease, found an amazing fact that with age, people do not need a long sleep. The thing is that regular short-term sleep is most likely the first “bell” that warns about the development of Alzheimer’s disease or “hints” at such diseases as diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis. Therefore, if in old age you or your loved ones have less sleep, it is better to consult a doctor and not postpone the visit for later, even if you feel well.

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