5 Surprising things that cause anxiety

Although not relate, there are many activities and environments of our daily life that can generate our self anxiety. Learn to identify is desirable to find a solution to our problem.

Anxiety is characterized by great anxiety and extreme insecurity. It makes you feel distrust and to everything around you.

You think constantly coming future misfortunes. This is a normal response of the body in times of emergency; it relates to the joys and sorrows and has a function of survival.

Do you think you have this problem?

There are practices that calm the disorder. Some fit their keys between the index finger and others simply eat a lot. It is common to see people who, when they have many occupations and need concentration, need to have chocolates or sweets nearby.

Here are some amazing things that cause anxiety…

Cause anxiety

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1. Extreme sports

It is common, receiving alarming news, you sit on the couch or you lie down in bed. Not manage to assimilate the information and spend much time in that state.

Behaviors sedentary increase the risk of developing anxiety. Most clinical researchers agree that poor health and decreased physical activity is another trigger.

If you exercise you will see that the problem decreases. Another recommendation would be to visit your family and friends. Exit the routine sofa bed. There is a world to go and many things to do.

2. Living in the city

Yes, believe it or not, urbanity, the crush of people and hustle can get you out of the boxes. If the noise and people do not affect you, you must beware of city air. The pollution environmental also produces anxiety.

They have been conducted studies and which have been found to those living in the countryside are less likely to suffer from this problem that urban people.

There is no proven with certainty the cause and effect of this pollution incident. However, researchers believe that levels of free radicals caused by pollution may be the cause of the disorder.

A good option could be taking the weekend off and get away from the city. If only one day, try other environments and slow down can work miracles for you.

3. Economic problems and a little friendly atmosphere

It is impressive to see the research conducted by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology. The study indicates that women living in cities with affected economies are more likely to be anxious. However, this situation does not affect both men. As financially stable women living in insecure areas is still prone to develop anxiety.

Women working in their communities, they probably do as a result of anxiety. It may be why the women who have more participation in their neighborhood. A woman perceived insecurity in a neighborhood increases their concern and becomes anxious.

4. Too much fast food

It is ironic to think that fast food can cause anxiety and, even stranger, depression.

In a study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, it found that, after 4 months of feeding a group of mice with a high-fat diet, compared with a second group fed a standard diet, the former showed greater alteration nerve and apathy.

Then they were asked a standard diet to mice digested high fat. Their anxious and depressive symptoms were reversed.

So, there are chances to improve your mood.

If now you eat fat, it reduces levels and follows a healthy diet. You will see how the nerves will fade as you feed better.

5. Living in noisy areas

Anxiety is also generated by everyday noises, such as a factory or the constant cries of children in a school. Believe it or not, this can cause nausea and headaches.

If you work in such places, looking for a space to be alone and without noise.

If you just moved into a new house very close to a busy road, the airport or the subway and have begun to have problems maybe this is the cause.

We know that maybe you cannot move out but we recommend that you look for any option. Do you practice yoga in a park without much noise?

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Look for ways to lead a quieter life

The labor collapse, take your children or your partner is enough for daily work and, above all this is accompanied by a noisy neighbor. The anxiety is associated with nervousness.

When we have to concentrate to do something, right in our spare time, much peace is needed.

If you’re dealing with one of these amazing things that cause anxiety identify your options to reverse the situation. Maybe you cannot change it completely, but finding the right balance between adaptation and change.

In short, anxiety can be generated both by busyness or high everyday sounds, as well as by something as unexpected as it is extreme sports.

Look after your health, lives calmly and keep a balanced diet. The reactions of your body are the result of what happens inside it.

If nerves are very common, you may have a problem. Take the necessary measures and do not forget to consult your doctor.

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