Feeling powerless in anxiety and frustration

When a person has anxiety it goes bad, and it’s because apart from being experiencing fear every now and then, the person becomes more sensitive, and feels so helpless to things, because he wants to do something but fear and feeling bad it prevented. It’s similar to the feeling of wanting to leave, but you have fever and you’re wrong, just that we add the fear, and it becomes difficult.

Anxiety and frustration

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This feeling appears much when we go to a site and that site there are many people, or when we want to leave but there is much noise, and that noise makes us to get nervous and then appear palpitations, etc.

This sense of frustration and impotence in anxiety is very common, and happens when we set our minds that nothing happens if we do not go, and we’ll go another day, or no rush can go later, or go and come back when you feel uncomfortable, in short, is passed doing what makes us feel comfortable, you just have to take it easy and be patient.

Because when more and more powerlessness frustrate us feel for the anxiety we feel worse, we have no patience sesquicentennial pro and at the end we just want to mourn, because we will feel even more overwhelmed. And if we can remedy the worst feeling, why not do it, no?

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Feeling powerless in anxiety is very normal, just for the fact that we want something that we got that frightens us or we find it difficult. And the anxiety created all these things, and is not it impossible to lead a normal life; it’s just difficult because the sensations that gives us anxiety. But once overcome anxiety, we can make a normal life, go to sites with people, being away from home, work, etc. Because even working, you can make it difficult, but it is done under compulsion making it stressful, and it also causes impotence in anxiety because when not working you have the less busy mind, and give all more laps negatively, and only worse again.

But if we think they are just feelings, we forget them in a while and we feel better, and like all of anxiety symptoms, we see that we feel better, and that the problem has been solved almost by itself.

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