Why Film Crews Need Emergency Medical Staff on Standby

Film productions cannot afford to take any safety risks. Film crews, particularly stunt teams, cannot afford to take any chances when it comes to dangerous stunts. As such, the film and TV industry is reliant on medics. As a result, they need the professionalism of trained and experienced emergency medical response teams for events. For more information on Event First Aid Cover, visit a site like Outdoor Medical, providers of Event First Aid Cover

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For example, for hit TV show Breaking Bad, the director Vince Gilligan asked for AEDs on the set. While this may sound like a small detail, it is a crucial safety feature for film productions. Thankfully, he got it. Directors and production teams must account for the safety of all those working on set as productions often require scenes in remote locations or doing dangerous activities.

As you can imagine, producers and directors on a TV or movie set are the ones with the most creative as well as financial responsibility. They work from pre-production to post-production. They are usually responsible for securing financing for their projects. The director is the most influential role on the film crew, providing the creative vision and shepherding the project through the entire creative process. All other film crew positions are under the director, whose supervision and oversight are crucial.

The role of a medic during filming is an important one. They will attend meetings with the crew to understand the filming schedule and where filming locations will be based. They will also work alongside a fire marshal and stunt coordinators. They will need to know of any potential hazards that might occur during filming, as well as provide a plan of action in the event of an accident, injury or illness. We are all used to seeing dangerous stunts on television or at the cinema that may only last a matter of seconds but in reality, these can take days of planning and require a great deal of work to carry out safely.

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Medics on set are crucial, whether it’s for dealing with minor injuries and pain relief or being the first responder to a life-threatening incident. For the safety of participants, a medic must be present whether it’s for shooting a 30 second commercial or a feature length film. Some of the biggest film production companies will have their own in-house team of medics but many TV production companies will outsource this responsibility to medical response businesses.


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