Why buy a park home over a holiday house

Especially over the recent years of the coronavirus, there has been a large increase in ‘staycations.’ This has seen an influx in holiday homes being bought; however the debate is, is a park home a worthy investment over a holiday house?

Firstly, park homes are usually less expensive than traditional homes due to park homes being made of cheaper materials. They are designed to be an affordable option, and although holiday homes can offer more luxury, the modern static homes are well-equipped, cosy and practical.

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A park home’s upkeep is reasonably low, compared to the constant maintenance that holiday houses come with. The utilities of a house tend to be a lot more complex and problematic, as well as there is a much larger surface area for cleaning than in a one-level static home.

As an investment, despite the initial high cost that comes with purchasing a park home there are great benefits in owning one. There are opportunities to rent it out, which can help make the money back. However overall, they are a low investment compared to holiday homes which can decrease in value quickly and are trickier to sell in the long term.

An aspect that may be of use, is that park homes are bungalows and therefore with this comes the accessibility benefits. They tend to be designed to cater for those with disabilities or mobility issues, and although they are popular among retirement age, they can be a great purchase for people with a disabled family member.

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Despite popular assumptions, park homes can be flexible purchases. Due to the design being static, it is possible to move them from one location to another. This can allow you to travel and explore different areas of the UK, experiencing the new community that comes with it.

The community in park home sites are renowned for their sociable and friendly atmospheres. Unlike a holiday home that may be in a village with few houses, static homes are grouped together with a sense of community where you are surrounded by people with similar lifestyles to you. Social events such as summer BBQs, sea swimming clubs and pub gatherings are common among the communities.

There are many ways to investigate purchasing a park home, such as visiting a site and seeing for yourself the community feel, looking through brochures and looking at potential locations. Companies such as Gloucestershire Park Homes parkhomelife.com/our-parks/orchard-park-homes-gloucester-gloucestershire/ will also have buyers guides and video tours of properties.


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