3 Unique Ways to Work in Healthcare

Healthcare is an attractive industry if you have a passion for helping others and want a stable job with excellent benefits. But not everyone wants to become a nurse or doctor. For those looking for unique ways to get involved, here are a few lesser-known areas of healthcare.

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1. CPR Course Instructor

If you already have a level of expertise and certification in healthcare, you might want to look into teaching some life-saving courses. Classes like advanced cardio life support San Antonio TX or CPR can be taught to citizens who want the ability to look out for each other in life-threatening situations. Rather than being on the front lines, you’ll be in charge of teaching preventative courses.

2. Nuclear Pharmacist

Unlike the average pharmacist, a nuclear pharmacist is inc charge of preparing medications that involve radioactive materials. You may not know it, but many medications that treat severe illnesses of the bones, brain, lungs, and heart can contain “radionuclides”. Nuclear pharmacists also create many drugs used to treat cancer. They have a unique opportunity to work alongside nuclear scientists and witness life-changing innovations in medicine.

3. Medical Illustrator

If you love medicine and learning about the body, but also have a creative streak, the medical illustration might be the career for you. All the illustrations in medical textbooks had to come from somewhere, after all. Medical illustrators have to have an extremely detailed and up-to-date knowledge of anatomy and physiology, as well as skills with graphic design and potentially 3D rendering. It can be a competitive field since only a few colleges offer relevant courses and it can be difficult to get the right certifications.

Don’t hold yourself back from going into medicine just because you haven’t found your niche yet. Let this list serve as an example of just how specific the medical field can be.

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