Cardiovascular exercises in sports: To increase the endurance of the body simply

Each of us heard about cardio-operations. Many experienced athletes regularly use them to achieve their goals. We propose to find out what cardio is, how it should be done and what rules to adhere to.

What is called cardio?

Cardiovascular work is understood as aerobic exercise. Muscles come in tone due to the energy that we get as a consequence of the oxidation of glucose molecules. Actually, this is the difference between cardio and power loads, where the energy can be extracted by the body without oxygen, or as an option in an anaerobic way.

During cardio, not just muscles are trained, but the entire cardiovascular system. Examples of aerobic exercise include cycling, running, swimming and walking. One of the features of training in their duration. These classes should take from twenty minutes to one hour. Warm-up should not be taken into account. All exercises must be performed vigorously and dynamically.

Cardiovascular exercises

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Why cardio?

The main goal of cardio is to increase the endurance of the body. In addition, this kind of sports loads contributes:

  • Strengthening of cardiovascular systems
  • Losing weight
  • Drying the body in preparation for sports competitions
  • Prevention of stress
  • Increase immunity

There are different types of cardio loads. Among them there are training for the siloviki, for fans of high-speed sports, and also for women who dream of a beautiful sports figure.

Very useful for such cardio-operations for beginners. So they give them such an opportunity to prepare their body for more intensive workloads. Cardio for weight loss is a well-known area of fitness, especially among women.

For such training, it is customary to use exercise bikes, as well as treadmills. However, a professional instructor must certainly supervise such exercises. Otherwise, they will not be so much good as harm. But if everything is done correctly and under the supervision of an experienced instructor, such exercises can well be called an effective way of losing weight.

Even bodybuilders with experience recommend newcomers to perform aerobic exercises in their training. Cardio is an excellent prophylaxis of cardiac and cardiovascular diseases, from which it is not uncommon for sportsmen-siloviki not only to mature, but even to middle age. All those who have endurance training in the mode of the day undoubtedly prolong their lives.

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Cardiovascular exercises

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How often can cardio be performed?

During aerobic exercise, many muscles work, as well as body systems. With regular training, pressure stabilizes, metabolism is stimulated, health becomes stronger and the person feels a surge of energy. But for such cardio work to bring maximum benefit and at the same time to be completely safe, you need to do them correctly.

Among the features of such loads – their frequency, as well as duration. For a more productive result, it is recommended to practice from three to five days a week. For beginners, the best option is three training sessions per week. In this case, the interval between training sessions should be no more than two days. Later this can be five times a week. Performing cardio is best half an hour. With time, the duration of classes can be increased to an hour. But you need to make sure that the body has become much more enduring.

However, many of us do not always have such an opportunity to find an hour of time and give it to the cardio. In this case, you can combine workouts and ordinary life. For example, at work or in a store you can go not by car or subway, but by bike. If you live on the upper floors of high-rise buildings, then try to abandon the elevator.

The best time for cardio is considered to be the evening, the interval between seventeen and nineteen. However, much will depend on the characteristics of your body, as well as on what goals pursue, but still this time for burning fats is considered the most acceptable.

In the event that your goal is not fat burning, but endurance training, then classes can be done in the morning. It is important to remember that during this period the metabolic rate is low and therefore it is worth avoiding excessive loads. Carrying out cardio, watch your health. Especially if you’re still a beginner. Excessive sports loads can not only not give instant results, but also harm the health.

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