8 Ways to Become Spiritually Powerful

The world is a difficult place to be right now, so it’s understandable if you need a boost. The good news is that it’s easier than you might think to welcome spirituality into your life and receive the healing energies of the world. If you’d like to feel these phenomena for yourself, here are just eight ways to become more spiritual.

Spiritually Powerful

1. Learn How to Meditate

A common misconception about meditation is that it requires sitting cross-legged and humming. You can actually meditate anywhere and anytime, including in bed before you fall asleep, and humming is entirely optional. The most important thing is breathing and emptying your mind.

2. Go Outside

You don’t have to exercise. Just sitting on a park bench or taking a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood can open your eyes to all of the wonders of nature. It’s hard not to feel like you’re connected to something when everything around you is chirping, flying, fluttering or waving in the wind.

3. Be Grateful

Developing a “gratitude habit” has been linked to living a longer life. Try to find the silver lining in everything that you do. Even if it’s just appreciating the sunshine or the fact that you get to have your favorite burrito for lunch, being thankful will make you a more peaceful person.

4. Read Inspirational Books

There are many guides out there to live a more divine life. For example, author Ilchi Lee has written a book about opening his own spiritual commune in New Zealand. If you like to daydream about escaping the daily grind and living somewhere that’s perpetually green and sunny, consider picking up the works of Ilchi Lee.

5. Look for Patterns

Life is full of meaning that’s often passed off as coincidence. The next time that you see karma in action, remember it. The next time that you spot a pattern in people, places or things, don’t be quick to brush it off. It might be the universe trying to tell you something.

6. Allow Yourself to Feel Awe

When was the last time that you felt awed by something? Maybe it was a picture of Niagara Falls. Maybe it was looking up to the stars or gazing down at a friend’s baby. Whenever something touches you emotionally, make note of it. You can keep it stored in your memories for bad days.

7. Disconnect From Your Electronics

There’s nothing wrong with loving your smartphone, but no one needs to be connected to their inbox 24 hours a day. This is especially true if you’re trying to get in touch with nature, religion or just life in general. Turn off your gadgets every once in awhile to better appreciate the majesty of life.

8. Transform Your Home

There’s only so much that you can do to feel spiritual when your home is dark, dirty and cluttered. Try to open your windows more and bring home fresh flowers when you can. Paint your walls with soothing colors. Burn sage to make everything smell nice.

These are just a few ways to invite the rhythms of the world into your life. Spiritual energy is all around you, and if you’re willing to open your heart and accept it, you can become a much happier, more fulfilled person!

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