How to deal with the pain of rheumatism

Do rheumatic pains persecute you daily? Does your physicist fail to cope with the newspaper? Does your mind want to react, but does constant pain not allow it? I know exactly what you are trying to do, because I’ve been through too. Solutions? Well, certainly in this field there are no magic formulas. However, one thing I know: if what you have done so far has not worked, it’s because you’re probably wrong about something. Thing? This is for you to understand it. But there is a certainty: you cannot go on like that. You have to act. You have to try to understand and find a solution; otherwise, the pain will have the best on you and the dynamic person you once would not come back.

First of all, I would like to point out that if you want to deal with the pain every day that you are oppressed, the advice I am suggesting to you is simple and I am definitely in the reach of everyone. But, if you really want to understand what you can do to get rid of pain, what’s really important is taking some of your free time, sitting in front of your PC and concentrating on reading this article. Your want to deal with the problem is proportional to the success, so now it’s up to you!

pain of rheumatism

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Practical natural treatments

Licking and curing the pain you can. How? Of course not with drugs. Believing in the “god of medicine” has led you so far, and with what outcomes? The problems are getting worse and the pains accumulated. The only and only way to pursue is the natural one.

“The pain is the cry of Nature that urges help and attention”

… do not repel it with poison, but listen to it, understand it, and find the right kind of care for you. Hydrotherapy is definitely a great help, cheap and easily workable at home. However, your uniqueness as an individual always takes the utmost attention to the reactions of your body. Only in this way will you be able to get the most benefit from these interventions (if you have any doubts, ask your trusted healthcare professional).

Hydrotherapy treatment

Personally, the most commonly used hydrotherapy treatment (of course, my doctor recommended) is “The Alternative Bath at the Feet”: it helps relieve headaches, improve blood circulation, calm the nervous system, and increase my immune defenses … bad for a simple bath to the feet, eh! What is it about?

Application rules:

  • You can repeat it 3 times, respecting the times of heat and cold;
  • Must not be performed before or after meals and in the period from 3 days before the menstrual cycle until the cycle is fully completed;
  • Do not practice in too cold environments;
  • If you have any doubts, consult a physician first. Do not you know who to turn to?

Indicated for:

Nerve tension, headache, insomnia, cold feet, low blood pressure, bad circulation, bad digestion, headaches, chronic colds, chronic sinusitis, chronic oral cavity infections, weak immune system, neurological regulation -vegetative, cerebral congestion, brain stroke.

Contraindicated for:

Vomiting, varicose veins and vascular spasms.

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Ventilated green argilla mask

For muscular and articular back pain, neck and joint, if necessary (fortunately rarely), I apply a mask of green clay (possibly fed, found in herbalist). It is prepared with warm water and is kept in a pose covered for 30-40 minutes: the relief is immediate and, during the acute stages, it lasts me on average 24 hours (do not apply on the belly and kidneys). The environment has to be very hot: if, despite the conditions, I feel cold I wrap the treated part with a lot of nylon.

Massage with unguents and oils

Do not underestimate the massage with bees based ointments. I recommend buying from a beekeeper of your confidence (if you do not know who to turn to, contact me). Be aware of any personal allergies!

Great product of easy access is also arnica oil.

You live your life full

Living with rheumatism is not a simple thing: in addition to having to deal with the problems involved, one must pay attention to the traps that our survival instinct puts in place. Let me explain to you a personal example.

During the acute phase of the disease, I was continually succeeding in adopting the same kind of behavior in every situation that I was facing. I was so flushed with pain and deprived of energy, which, irrespective of the real physical resources, had begun to reject any proposition a priori. Even when I had the strength to go to the cinema or at home, my answers were almost always negative, because if I went, the next day I would have paid for “for sure” the consequences. This is because the mind, to avoid pain, uses shortcuts to get you into a vicious circle that is quite dangerous. Of course, I do not have the presumption to say that this will happen or will certainly happen to you as well.

What I want to say, however, is that you might find it to put your hands on several occasions of what is really necessary and risk so you do not live fully your life; so be careful.

See what you want

This is one of the most used techniques. In essence, our mind cannot distinguish what really happens from what you imagine. What do you mean? I try to be clearer. If you have the fear of flying, only thinking of climbing an airplane makes you sweat, your heartbeat speeds up, your breathing becomes more tense and your stomach twists. You do not need to see a plane to trigger all this – just imagine it! Have you ever had a frightening dream and wake up with dripping sweat and panicked? Yet it is not real, but the feelings and emotions you feel are in all respects.

The fact is this: to get a certain reality, you have to educate your mind by showing what you want. You have to do it in the smallest detail using all five senses. Of course it is also negative, so it is important not to visualize and say no such phrases : I do not want to fall ill, I hate being sick , you make me sick … Why? If I tell you that you are not allowed to think of a red bull with a yellow bow in your head, what do you see? Do not cheat! Your mind has just seen what I told you not to think, so pay attention to what you see.

Want to better understand the display?

Follow this example:

First, I choose a goal: go walking three times a week for 15 minutes. At this point, before you fall asleep (or when it makes you more comfortable) close your eyes and think about the time and day you go: imagine watching the clock and the calendar of your home. Think about what you will wear and display as you dress in the slightest details. Imagine what time will make, the feelings you will have during the walk. Mentally reflect the path: try to perceive everything you will see, feel and smell … the feeling of air on your face. You are happy and vital, with the desire to do what you are doing.

Do this exercise for several weeks: of course, it’s important to mark the start date to focus on it.

Your mind, if you’ve worked well, will get familiar with the situation and be prepared to action, supporting you in achieving the goal.

If you are struggling to see or want to understand better, here are two links, that will help you in the intent: cocoa / visualization – to be able to see / how to learn to visualize in meditations.

Concluding: Do you want to change your future? In addition to believing that you can do it, you also need to view it.

You come with the color of reumatism

This is, as always, my experience. And you, do you know any natural “strategy” to suggest? If you have tried one of the practices described here, tell it: your experience is a wealth and if you want to share, it with me and the other troop-readers would be happy with it!

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