How to Train for Your First Marathon

Do you watch marathons broadcast on television and wonder how well you would do in one? There is no time like the present to start a training program that will get you in shape for one of those races. You can sign up for a fun run that is open to runners of all ages, or you can sign up for a charity run to raise money for an organization that you support. Even if you spend more time relaxing on the couch than you do getting active outside, you can still train and prepare yourself for that upcoming race with a few tips.

Set Your Pace

The first time that you get off the couch and go for a run, you might find that you can only get a short distance down the block before you feel winded and ready for a break. That is completely natural because it’s your body’s way of telling you that you need to practice. Set a small goal of how far you want to run the first time that you set out. You can then push yourself to run a little further every day and slowly work on getting the time it takes to run that distance down.

Change Your Diet

If your diet primarily consists of junk food and cola, you shouldn’t expect to feel comfortable running a marathon. Those foods can leave you bloated, which makes running hard, and those foods can slow down your recovery time after a run too. The best diet for runners is one that consists of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as plenty of water. You’ll also want to learn more about carbo loading, which is when runners eat more carbs before a big run.

Talk to Professionals

Though you can prepare for a marathon on your own, you should consider getting a little help. Talking to Manhatten sports therapy professionals working in a training center can help you get ready for a big race. Those professionals can give you advice on the best foods to eat the night before the race and provide you with remedies for any of the aches and pains that you might feel. Sports therapists can help you establish a proper training routine too that helps you prepare for that marathon in the gym and at home.

Finding a marathon will fill you with a sense of pride unlike anything you ever experienced before. You’ll love the way your family and friends look at you too. While preparing for a marathon can take some time, it is something you can do when you talk to professionals, make some changes to your diet and set your pace.

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