Staying in shape? Easy, with exercises to do at home!

Keeping fit is a commitment to reconcile with work and family but just excuses! Here are the exercises to do at home that will solve the problem for those who cannot go to the gym.

The excuse of many of us is not having time to attend the gym. But summer is coming and growing desire to improve the line ahead of the fateful test suit.

The workout at home allows you to be able to reconcile work and family commitments with the desire to keep fit. What exercise is best performed, though? Just a simple and easy step to adopt a lifestyle that includes regular physical training. You will not need special tools or a preparation optimal athletic. We suggest you prepare a custom playlist that can give you the right energy and charge while performing the exercises.

You should always start by warming up in order to bring the heartbeats increase to have a cardio-respiratory and muscle conditioning: running in place from 3′ to 5′; skip to set in motion the muscles of the legs, leading, one by one, knees up toward your chest; jumping rope, 3 sets of 1′. You can train with profit even without leaving home walls, to ban laziness.

Staying in shape Easy

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This is such exercises should not be missing in your daily routine …

1. Lunges

This exercise is great for toning the buttocks at the bottom and the outside. In the upright position, legs splayed basin width, take a step forward, sink, bending the legs at the same time, exhale and ascend, returning to the starting position. Repeat this movement with the other leg. Run 4 from 10-12 reps.

2. Squat

The best exercise to tone the legs and slim the thighs. The movement is simple to perform, often you run it unconsciously, every time you sit down and lifts from a chair. Stand at the feet apart, more than shoulder width apart, move slightly behind your hips tensing your hamstrings muscles; slowly bend the legs moving downwards with the buttocks below the height of the knees and traced. Run 4 from 10-12 reps.

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3. Abdominal

The crunch is the perfect exercise to do at home. Indeed, the abs are exercises easy to perform but also effective: lie down with your legs bent so that it makes an angle of about 45°, lift your upper body by about 15-20 cm from the ground. The hands are behind his head. It is important to be careful not to overwork the neck, trying to lift his head and shoulders simultaneously. Do 8 to 5 reps, then picking up 2/3 a week series.

If you wish to pick any of the exercises a bit more tiring, but great to get sculpted abs, try the climber. The name is not accidental, because the exercise is achieved by pretending a climb. Lean on arms and legs stretched out stretched but high from the ground, belly side down and bring the leg to the chest, as if he were a step going up to the mountains and let it reach the other leg. To follow the opposite movement: Extend one leg back and let it reach the other. Proceed for at least 30 seconds and then increased with the passage of time.

4. Pushups

To firm up the arms and chest, proceed as follows: place the knees on the floor, preferably on a floor mat, put your hands on the ground and divaricarle more than shoulder width, holding abdomen contracts and lower back muscles to avoid arching your back, keep in line head, neck, chest and buttocks and make a bending of the arms as if to touch your chest to the floor and return to starting position. Run 4 from 10-12 reps.

5. Stretching

At the end of the training session, it will be appropriate to dedicate 10-15 minutes to stretching of muscles are stimulated. This practice will avoid annoying contractures and will have greater flexibility to perform the exercises again. The position must be held for at least 20-25 seconds, then slowly return to the starting one, being careful not to bounce or force your joints.

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