15 uses of lip balm that maybe you don’t know

Due to its oily consistency, the lip balm is useful in many different occasions when we need to lubricate an object, such as zippers or screws, and we have another product suitable.

The lip balm is a cosmetic product that serves to protect the delicate skin of the lips from aggressive substances in the environment.

This product helps lips to retain their natural moisture, reduces the presence of dead cells and creates a protective barrier against free radicals and the sun’s rays.

Despite this, in addition to being useful for this purpose, due to its composition, its consistency and to its properties, the lip balm has a wide range of alternative uses.

Since we know that there are few who know, in our article today we want to share the 15 best use of lip balm, so that you can exploit it to the maximum.

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1. It soothes wounds and insect bites

Thanks to its moisturizing and soothing properties, the lip balm is helpful to offer relief from minor cuts or superficial skin wounds. By applying a little lip balm, able to reduce the irritation and itching and speed up the process of cell regeneration. It is also great for relieving discomfort caused by mosquito bites and other insects.

2. It helps to protect your face from the sun

The protective effect of this product is not only useful for the lips, but also for the rest of the face. Although it does not have a sun protection factor higher than that of creams, it can be used in case of emergency. Nevertheless, always avoid applying it to the eye area, as it may irritate them.

3. It covers the scratches on leather items

Rubbing a little ‘lip balm on leather items, you manage to hide the scratches that ruin the appearance. You can use it on shoes, bags, belts, furniture and any other article that begins to have a dull and worn.

4. Useful to start a fire

If you cannot light a fire, but you have, a little lip balm, apply it on a cotton ball and turn it on. You will see that will burn instantly and will help you keep the flame for longer than just a match.

5. Create a candle

Placing a wooden stick or a piece of string inside of lip balm, you will get a candle to use in an emergency.

6. Lubricant

Since it has an oily composition, this product is very useful to lubricate zippers, screws and other metal objects that fit with ease.

7. Container

The empty container of lip balm can be used to contain other substances from the thick consistency, such as toothpaste, soap, wax or Vaseline.

8. For curly hair

A bit of lip balm on the comb is useful to prevent the annoying frizz of curly hair. When you are in a very humid environment, strofinatene a bit on the comb to keep the hair in longer order.

9. Secret Hideout

The stick empty container lip is the perfect place to hide money or any other thing of value.

10. Prevent blisters

The footwear of some material can be aggressive on the skin and bring up painful and annoying blisters. If you often happens, take some of lip balm and rub it two or three times on the affected area.

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11. Improves make-up

Thanks to its creamy composition, this product is perfect to give the make-up a more professional finish. Take a small amount of lip balm, mix it with the eye shadow or blush and then apply them. You will love it!

12. Perfect Eyebrows

Sometimes the hairs of the eyebrows are a little rebel and appear unkempt, even if we use special combs. To keep them in their place and get the effect you want, you can apply a small amount of lip balm to secure them.

13. Correct make-up errors

When our make there, it is normal soiling some areas of the face which, instead, should remain their natural color. To avoid having to remove all the makeup you have not already, you can rub a little ‘lip balm, wrap a towel around your finger and correct the error.

14. It makes the scent last longer

Applying a bit of lip balm on the parts of the body where you want to spray your perfume, be able to make the flavor last longer.

15. Soften the cuticles

If you are doing the manicure and you do not have a product suitable to soften the cuticles, we should rub a little protective lip balm and let it work for a few minutes. This product not only helps to soften them, but also to moisturize.

Are you ready to make the most of this beauty product? Now that you know how it can be useful, we are sure you do not forget what can make your life easier.

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