Go with the truth is the best you can do in life

Time teaches us that it is easier to go ahead with the truth, to go giving explanations…

When we invent pretexts or half-truths, often spend that after a while and remember why we can not tell the truth, To lie there to have a good memory, and eventually always bring consequences.

Tell The Truth

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The lie can be a partner, but not in a good companion. This happens to us when we have the habit of lying, so much so that often lie without going, it’s part of our lives, we see it as normal … but it is not.

The lie enslaves us, it puts us in a situation that will always be thinking why not tell the truth, what to say and not say to not think we are liars … And, the lie becomes tempting us, is most beautiful and elegant, but at the bottom of our hearts, we know we are doing wrong.

The truth sets you free… We often think that we will lose if we say, but believe me, it is not. While lying enslaves not allowing you to be yourself, and reflect you as you are, the truth frees you completely.

Some common lies that we do:

  • You are married? –  “No, I’m single.”
  • How old are u? – “More than 20, less than 40.”
  • Do you have a couple? – “What a difficult question … Yes and no” (giving evasive).
  • “I’ll call you tomorrow without fail.” – Do not think so.
  • These love with someone else. –   “Well I do not know but do not worry, it’s only an illusion, and it will pass.”
  • “I went to dinner with my friends from work” – We know it’s not true, there is no such dinner.
  • Saying “I love you” without feeling. – We could end up hurting someone.
  • “No, I have not bought anything” – And you’re always releasing new clothes.
  • “It took me very cheap” – it’s never cheap, always money, whatever the price.

I could go on listing thousand lies senseless, yes you realize and think about the lies that you say, think and ask yourself why you say these lies with how easy it would be to tell the truth and tell it like an adult, mature and confident person herself.

My dear friends, although it is said that they are “white lies” there is no such category to define these lies, are, or are not; it is difficult to hide a relationship outside marriage, to sooner or things will get too complicated, and you have to deal with your heart and then some.

The truth always comes out to light, because nobody can live forever in the dark. The truth we must say it, if you do not have to try to silence forever, and at the end when everything is complicated, you just have to try to repair the damage fact.

You never lie, so you will not have insomnia, and lies always just bringing sadness to your life; a clear conscience is always the best medicine for the soul and your life.

You are the backbone of your home, lives always looking into the eyes and especially your children, will be the example they need, and can require sincerity because you yourself give it. retakes your life, clean your things, get rid of what does not he served, and live happy, because that’s what a woman deserves. Always ahead with the truth, no other if you want to live happily.

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