5 benefits of negative emotions

We might wonder how negative emotions can have benefits. Appearances are usually misleading and we can’t always define emotions as good or bad because they depend on multiple factors.

Let’s take an example to better understand this. We usually consider fear negative emotions . However, it is also an ancient survival mechanism for humans. So we are more cautious, avoid or protect from situations where we could be in danger.

The benefits of negative emotions allow us to grow more fully.

Do negative emotions have benefits?

According to Clyde DeSouza, “It is amazing to see that once the mind is cleared of emotional contamination, gent logic and clarity emerge . ” Therefore, it is certain that, if we think objectively, we can find advantages in practically everything we are and what surrounds us, even what we consider negative.

Furthermore, we must rely on the fact that we live in a society that often insists on identifying frustration or anxiety, for example, as something bad. By the way, love would be the other way around. In thinking we realize that this classification has something truthful but also false, so that it is a subjective or nuanced “reality”.

We consider, like psychologist and sexologist Isabel Rovira, that a negative emotion is needed . According to this expert, fullness and mental balance can only be achieved by experiencing the entire emotional spectrum. To achieve ever more complete development, these emotions are somehow necessary in our palette. Let us remember that the experiences gained, positive and negative, offer us lessons that allow us to grow more completely.

The benefits of negative emotions

Negative emotions therefore have advantages, which are various. However, having benefits doesn’t mean we have to abuse them. In other words, accepting them, listening to them and letting them breathe isn’t bad, it’s even better than encapsulating, denying or suppressing them. In any case, our goal will be to prevent them from taking control or contaminating other thoughts; we must aim for balance where there is true fullness.

1. Emotional balance

We pointed out earlier, emotional and mental balance can only be achieved by experiencing all kinds of emotions . It is not appropriate to live in eternal positivity, just as it is inappropriate to live in permanent negativity.

So, if we want to achieve an emotional balance so that it has a positive impact on our well-being, we must also bring out negative emotions . It is obvious that each of them has their moment, so it is important that we are the ones who intelligently choose the path we want them to go through.

2. It is a source of experience and stimulus to improve our skills

Negative emotions of valence, which are not negative, are potential sources of wealth. This is because lived experiences provide us with skills and knowledge that can be used effectively in the future to deal with adverse situations.

Frustration and the situations that generate it can draw fantastic lessons about ourselves and the people we love. We are talking here about a very valuable self-knowledge so that we can be emotionally intelligent, to choose the path we talked about earlier.

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3. We learn to be smarter in conflict resolution

Negative experiences are also excellent discovering new conflict resolution techniques . Knowing, for example, that we are prone to anger and have little control over what we say in anger situations will make us, if we are emotionally intelligent and this emotion invades us, take the time to get away from the situation before expressing ourselves. conflict resolution is not complicated.

Also, this anger this emotion is what often informs us that someone is hurting us. This someone can be a third person or ourselves. In any case, she warns us that there is a situation that deserves our attention .

4. Motivator of analytical thoughts

negative emotions
Motivator of analytical thoughts

Various studies show that anger is an excellent motivator and catalyst for analytical thinking. In other words, it helps to discern more rationally and objectively, to the extent that it does not exceed and does not become anger, since in this case the effect would be diametrically opposite.

5. This keeps us on alert

We’ve already mentioned this in the introduction, but it’s important not to forget it. Fear is a tool that allows us to be alert to danger . Of course, it must be proportional and rational.

Appearances are sometimes deceptive and this law also applies in the field of emotions, isn’t it? Today, many gurus dispense their theories on positivism. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that if these emotions that we call negative have continued to repeat themselves throughout history, it is because they promote our survival in a certain way , so we should let them have a space, listen to them, but not give them the control.

Imagination helps to manage negative emotions

How to get rid of all these negative emotions that invade us day after day thanks to the power of imagination.

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