I need someone to talk to

The sensitive subject of Mental Health and Wellbeing is at last being discussed in open forums and individuals struggling to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life have someone they can talk to. If you are in the depths of anxiety or depression and thinking “I need someone to talk to,” don’t despair, there is someone out there willing to listen.  Just go online and search for websites such as https://someonetolisten.co.uk/ and you will find an experienced, kind, patient person just waiting to take your call. Depression is often described as being inside a very deep, dark hole with no way out, just having someone who cares and who has the time to listen can make all the difference.  Offering a lifeline or a ladder out of the pit of despair can literally save a person’s life.

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Even members of the Royal Family have been brave enough to publicly speak about their struggles with Mental Health.  Politicians, sports men and women, pop stars, actors and actresses have all openly talked about their own Mental Health battles and the importance of having someone to talk to.

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Don’t hesitate to call, stop the loneliness and isolation often caused by anxiety and depression, don’t forget, “Just Talk” is an easy solution to a very common problem. Having a person on the end of the line to talk to is the beginning of the healing process.  Someone who has personally experienced the depths of despair is your Lifeline to recovery.

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