Changes to be made to feel happy, free and good about yourself

For it is very cloudy sky, however it is gray, we know that at some point we will see a clear blue sky. The same goes for our lives, no matter how bad things get if we move forward we will see better days.

Everything is a process, not out of the difficulties of nowhere, or the overnight. Little by little, step by step is achieved, day by day with small decisions, making small progress … We can be better, we can be better, we can be happy, and although it is not achieved at once, there are things that we must begin to do and to do the same.

Feel Happy

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20 Things you need to say “ENOUGH!”

  • Just follow prejudices old, worn and out of reality.
  • Enough not express what you feel, just fear.
  • Enough to put others first, it is time to think about yourself.
  • Just to let you humiliate.
  • Enough feel less.
  • No more waiting for others.
  • No more waiting for the perfect moment.
  • Stop doubting yourself.
  • Enough of conformity.
  • No more delay.
  • No more suffering.
  • Stop being blind.
  • No more have you pity.
  • No more searching the pity of others.
  • Enough not see the wonder of woman you are.
  • No more waiting for the approval of the people.
  • Stop feeling sorry for not please others.
  • Stop being naive.
  • Stop mourn for something insignificant.
  • Stop being afraid.

These things are over, and just tell what does you good. Now is the time to change, to be and be better.

20 Things you should already do once:

  • Say NO, without feeling guilty about it.
  • He smiles for the bad and good things, the order has only last a moment.
  • Nobody and nothing is forever, do not cling.
  • Obstacles do not have to stop you from moving forward, look at them for what they are: one a challenge and a new opportunity.
  • Stop being afraid, that limits you.
  • Try once (whatever you want).
  • Be happy.
  • Love yourself above all else.
  • Say a few truths, drop them once.
  • Free yourself of everything that hurts you and not let you grow.
  • Feel free
  • Dare to explore and try new things.
  • Dedicate time to yourself.
  • Observe nature.
  • Listen to your inner voice.
  • Feel good about yourself, including your body.
  • Love and be loved.
  • Live according to your wishes.
  • Experience everything you can.
  • Allow wrong.

You can make mistakes, many mistakes …

You can even commit 1, 2, 200 or 2,000 … eat them without fear mistakes, but try to learn from them.

5 Things to do right now:

  • Smile till you drop.
  • Expresses happiness, and tell someone how valuable it is.
  • Pour over, do not keep it in you because otherwise you’re going to collapse.
  • Do something to fill you, that makes you happy.
  • Look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are, how special you are. You’re a woman, do not hesitate.

Achieving this is not easy:

Whatever you’re going, you can overcome it. You are capable of doing so, you have the strength to go on, do it. Do not stop, fight for what you want. You may have who try to cut you the wings, do not let, do not listen to others unless they are positive advice, they really want your good. Do not stay in dark, he brings out the beautiful you are, you can do it, I believe in you.

5 things to avoid others:

  • Do not be misled by others.
  • Do not let the opinions of others more valuable than your own.
  • Do not let them tell you what you can not or should do.
  • Do not expect anyone approval.
  • Do not rely on anyone but yourself.

If you let influence, along with others, and if you rely on others, you end up building your own jail, that comfortable it is, will never make you feel free and fulfilled.

You may not know where to start to do that you want, and rarely know, but draws strength prepare, think, analyze and try to know more yourself … look for options and you’ll find yourself taking the step that you need to give.

Do not wait for a better time:

Needless everything is perfect to start doing the things you need or want to do. It is in the most difficult moments when we can take small steps to change our situation. If you are sad, desolate, despondent, feeling little, criticized or problems … now is the time to dare to change.

You can plus a thousand negative positive thinking. Let us have faith, do things with faith. Today we can change, now is the time to start. To achieve this we must move forward, it is a process, not accomplished at once, or without bumps … but you can: if you go with conviction, you will succeed.

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