6 tips to help you wake up early in the morning

Sleep to the last, then zip over the apartment the speed of sound – and still late for work? Describes how to rebuild mode, to turn yourself into a lark, and the morning – in the most pleasant and relaxed time of day.

Find the reason to get up early

Let’s be honest: you would never in my life have forced myself to go to the dentist, if not feared, would otherwise be without teeth.

With early rises works the same principle. Unless you are unlucky with the biological clock and you do not naturally jump at 5 am, like Anna Wintour, you’ll need a good incentive to get myself out of bed.

Begin your transformation into a lark with the appointment of an early meeting that cannot be missed. Meeting at work, personal training at the fitness club, but at least the delivery of online shopping – all approach, for which you will inevitably have to otrvat head from the pillow.


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Do not overdo it on the first day

To early rise become a habit, not become a one-time adventure, proceed gradually. Set a goal (e.g., waking up at 6 am instead of 8), and then gets to her every day rearranging Service for 15-20 minutes before.

Artwork believe that this approach is more effective than a sharp change of regime: it is better to start to want to bed 15 minutes earlier each night than the entire first day of the new life to feel overwhelmed useless creature.

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I bet most that good alarm clock, which turns off the touch of a button – it’s to get you to turn over to the other side.

If you have firmly decided to get up earlier, you need a sophisticated application capable of actually wake. For example, Wake N Shake Alarm Clock pauses only if you shook the phone enough times. Another way to turn it off there, as there is no option “to postpone.” apps Step Out of Bed And Walk Me Up stop ringing just after you get up and do a certain number of steps with a phone in his hand. Cruel, but effective.

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Immediately disclose curtains

Okay, in the winter this method does not work, but the summer is even easier for your life.”Daylight – the most important factor in shifting the body from sleep to wakefulness regime – says neurologist Kirsty Anderson. – This is a signal to the brain that it is time to wake up.”

So long as the sun rises before you get out of bed, the first thing discloses blackout curtains in the bedroom.

Get up early on weekends

Ever noticed that the alarm wake up a little earlier? This works your internal clock – and they like consistency. Riprap on the weekends, you shoot them confused.

“Strive to ensure that the rise time on weekdays and weekends are not too different – suggests Anderson. – Otherwise, all your efforts to establish the regime may be lost in vain.” In general, the idea is to sign up for yoga at 9 am on Saturday is not so crazy, if you look.


It is the most important piece of advice. Early ups a bad name, but if you treat morning hours correctly, they can be the most productive and the charging time. No deadlines, no people around, you just provided itself Seb – and carte blanche to all the most delicious and nutritious.

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