Tips to choose black nail polish

We won’t hesitate to wear black when it comes to clothing, but what about our nails? May the force be with us: this season, we dare to use black nail polish. Our advice on how to switch to dark nails.

The black color is synonymous with elegance, sobriety, but also simplicity. Basic and timeless in fashion, it is also beautiful with mascara, liner, eye shadow, and other black pencils, essential for successful smoky-eyes.

What about black nail polish in all of this? Often associated with the gothic and rock world, he was demonized for a long time. However, when it is well applied and covered with a shiny topcoat, it becomes chic.

Which black varnish to choose?

For a successful manicure, we choose an opaque varnish which in one layer must already cover our nail with a dark veil. For the color, we opt for a varnish blacker than the feathers of a raven, deep and mysterious. Not the one that draws on the gray.

How to prepare my nails for applying black nail polish?

Black polish, like all dark polishes, is a bit more difficult to remove. This is why we think of preparing our nails with a good base as soon as it is applied.

First of all, you have to clean your nails well by removing all traces of your previous varnish. Then, push back the cuticles and file your nail to obtain the desired shape. Finally, finish by polishing the top of the nail and applying a base coat, which allows the first layer of varnish to adhere better and will facilitate the removal of the black varnish.

How to properly apply black nail polish?

This color can be scary, but the rule is the same as for all nail polish poses: you have to take your time and apply yourself to get a nice result.

If the varnish is covering from the first coat, we do only one and we apply a shiny topcoat on top. On the other hand, if our varnish is less opaque, we apply two coats of black varnish and a layer of topcoat.

Warning: a black varnish, when it begins to flake, is not the most beautiful effect and can quickly give a “neglected” look. We, therefore, make sure to redo your black manicure as often as necessary.

How to customize a black nail polish?

The nail art trend has not escaped black polish. It can be used to achieve a neo- French manicure by using it to replace the white varnish at the end of the nail or by applying it to the other end (reverse French). You can also cover your black varnish with rhinestones, sequins, stickers … etc.

A simple black dot on the nail can have its effect, especially if you are a fan of minimalist manicures. A matte version is also a good alternative to flaunt an elegant manicure.

Another option: mix black varnish with gold or silver for a party.

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