Five ideas to keep the good intentions of 2017 throughout the year

With the new year come the good intentions we all ask and rarely managed to keep the long term. And in many cases we have sinned optimistic during the first days of the year: we set a number of purposes that we would get regardless of the time we need to invest, the effort involved or where our limit is, and not Reaching them we can fall into frustration and sadness.

So we encourage your goals this year are realistic, measurable and you can go completing them in small stages: these three tips, along with these five ideas to keep the good intentions throughout 2017, will make this be your year.


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Write your goal and keep in sight: A good idea not to “forget us” our good intentions within a week may be write our own hand and place the sheet in a place that we see every day. You can place it next to the bathroom mirror to see it every morning, inside the door of your house, with a post it next to the computer screen …

Organizes a group of WhatsApp and involves your friends or family: If one of your goals is, for example, walk every day 10,000 steps, you can organize a group with friends where they go sharing the daily accomplishments of each and motivate you to move on. Having the support of a group is important and together it will be easier to carry out!

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Set small goals for each month of the year: “In November I’ll run a marathon” and, a capella, is a purpose somewhat risky. Why not split the huge order into smaller and affordable? “This month I’m going to run X kilometers” or “this month I’m going to improve my mark of 10 kilometers in X seconds” may be more accurate.

Make your own calendar and planning challenge: The planning, facing any challenge or purpose, is important. If your purpose is to start with a vegetarian diet you can plan the menus of what you are going to eat with a week in advance, to avoid last minute surprises. If you want to improve your 1RM in bench press, you have to know what type of training you are going to do each day to get it.

Seek help and inspiration (online and offline): Often we need help to fulfill our aims and objectives of the new year. The Internet is a great source of inspiration where we can find many ideas, both training and nutrition: healthy breakfast recipes, HIIT video training, ideas to improve our rest … Also contact groups related to our purposes (a club Runners, for example, if we want to start running) or go to health professionals (a dietitian-nutritionist in case we want to improve our diet) will be very helpful in maintaining our purposes and getting to good port. More onĀ

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