Sponges to remove make-up, for a deep cleansing facial

The trick makes beautiful women, eliminating imperfections and making it attractive to the human eye. However, when evening before bedtime is important to remove with care and attention all the makeup, to breathe the best skin. How many times did you use soap and water, and then find yourself all traces of makeup on the towel after you dry your face? This clearly indicates an incorrect and very coarse facial cleansing. An important ally, and recently spread among women, is the make-up remover sponge.

The sponge-cleansing facial

What is it? The name says it, but specify it does not hurt: These pads are used exclusively for removing makeup from her face. They are usually made of cellulose and cotton and are very soft – albeit consistent – to the touch; the porosity that distinguishes it very absorbent and delicate at the same time to pass on your face. Operation is very simple and it will take very little time to get a clean and shiny skin. To use them, there are basically two ways, one quick, the other a bit ‘more articulate but more effective.


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Method # 1

If you have little time, or you’re tired and you’re not inclined to lose too many minutes for the care of your skin, wet a sponge with warm water, until it is softened. Squeeze it, moisten with the cleansing milk and begin to remove traces of makeup from the eyes, cheeks and all facial stakeholders. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and a little further – without exaggeration – natural a neutral pH detergent. Wipe your face with a clean towel.

Method # 2

The more structured approach will require, in addition to the make-up remover wipes make-up remover even diskettes. Floppy disks are most effective when used with cleansing milk or the micellar water, and you should use them at the beginning of facial cleansing procedure. Soak so a diskette with the cleansing milk and begin to remove the make-up with circular movements. After eliminating the bulk, you will pass to the sponges. Cleanse your face with warm water and quickly inspirational later with mild soap. Using the sponge to remove soap, you will get a more profound and effective cleaning. You will then simply remove the whole with tepid water. For a fresh feeling, you can also use cold water: invigorates the skin, making it more vital.

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The importance of the right cleanser and moisturizer

Remove make-up face – we have already had occasion to say before – it is essential to allow your skin to breathe: Hold the trick for many hours on the face can ruin your skin permanently, partly because of contaminants that very easily settle on own epidermis. Use the right detergent is essential to achieve a satisfactory result every night. But there’s more. If you want to have a shiny and elastic, having completed your task to facial cleansing, you can use a moisturizer that allows you to restore vigor to a dull and pale skin, moisturizing it properly. Be very careful, though: each skin needs a cream for different face.

The make-up remover pads are one of the most methods effective to accurately remove all makeup residue from your face. Very cheap, are marked by a softness that does not even affect the most sensitive skin. They are a safe, since it does not redden and not irritate, and are easily usable. If you have a hard time cleaning the most of your face, make-up remover sponge is right up your alley. In the market there are different types, all characterized by softness and sensitivity in contact with skin; its lightness that distinguishes makes them perfect for the cleaning of difficult skin, such as those characterized by fatness or chronic acne.

Degree of satisfaction? Great!

The majority of women are satisfied by the use of make-up removal pads, because you can remove the make-up quickly and efficiently. Avoid finding residues of foundation or mascara on the towel is a great relief, and only a deep cleaning can afford. The sponges are appreciated not only for its ability to deep clean – which for example cannot do alone diskettes – but also because after cleaning leave the skin smooth and glowing skin – of course you must also use the appropriate cleaning agents to get results satisfactory. Just moisten a little under lukewarm water to use them: the porous surface absorbs water, making the very soft sponge. A disadvantage? The only, according to the women who use them: at the end of facial cleansing you must wash, rinse and wring it thoroughly.

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