Personalized Homeopathy to Lose Weight

Personalized homeopathy to lose weight can be a great help to remove those pounds that annoy us and that are very difficult to eliminate.

Undoubtedly losing weight is not easy to be so we would be great and fantastic. Starting with a personalized dietary pattern and following a healthy habit we will have more numbers to get the weight loss challenge, but it does not always work.

Getting it depends on many factors: genetic, dietary, psychological, thermogenic, sedentary, endocrine and suppressive. The way to encompass these factors in an integrating way is complied with personalized and individualized Homeopathy.


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Natural Stimulotherapy: Losing Weight with Homeopathy

A good personalized diet, a good complement to lose weight, homeopathy, concerning the natural stimulotherapy and reinforcement route for personalized slimming success.

If homeopathy does not have a function “fat burning” their performance and be visible effect insofar as more similar to the situation, disorder, defect or imbalance to be treated.

Some homeopathic remedies like weight loss support

  • Natrum Sulfuricum 15 CH: Adequate on the fat located in the lower part of the body. High fluid retention. It worsens in wet weather. Obese gynoid colloquially called “body of pear”. Mentally they can be sad and resentful they do not feel that they are valued or appreciated by their sentimental relation. If the mental state coincides with the physique above, the power management will be higher.
  • Calcarea Arsenicosa 200 CH: Abdominal distension, liver, spleen and enlarged pancreas. Alcohol abuse. Anxiety reflected in the heart with consequent signs and symptoms. At night everything gets worse.
  • Fucus Vesiculosus 7 CH: Slow basal metabolism.
  • Plumbum Metalicum 200 CH: When excesses reach morbid obesity.
  • Cholesterolinum 9 CH: Diluted and energized cholesterol to lower bad cholesterol along with your homeopathic or biotype remedy.
  • Calotropis Gigantea 15 CH: It diminishes the fat mass without diminishing the muscular mass avoiding the sagging. A key symptom is hot in the stomach.
  • Chelidonium Majus 30 CH: Natural oxygen with tropism in the liver, mobilizes hepatoprotective cells stimulating hepato-vesicular function, metabolizing fats and renal excretion. Signs and symptoms are manifested on the right side of the body. Physically manifests mismanagement of anger and guilt.
  • Thuja Occidentalis 15 CH: When cellulite is established even in thin people, the so-called “orange peel”. Consequences for emotional, physical or medication suppression. Vaccine Disorders. Obesity. For some reason in childhood they grew up with the belief that they were ugly, bad and therefore would not deserve affection, hiding without saying what they think. Under the law of fellow beings, the more coincidence with physical and psychic signs and symptoms, the more adequate power will be administered.
  • Hypothalamus 7 CH: (Homeopathic Organotherapic). From excess to defect, appetite regulator.

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What stage we need to lose weight?

Before we start and as a guide we will have to know what phase we are in. The person may be at his optimum weight but not be aesthetically reflected by areas locally provided with fat or cellulite, it is also essential to distinguish if it is within the group of what we call overweight or obesity for it is appropriate to take into account the techniques of anthropometric measurement of Among them the body mass index (BMI) and abdominal circumference.

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