Couple’s diet: Practical and straight psychological advice to lose weight together

Following the couple’s diet will make you stronger, more motivated and even more complicit. In fact, dieting for two has many advantages and is much easier. Have you finally decided to go on a diet and your partner is also thinking of losing a few pounds? Excellent: why not do it together? In fact, the couple’s diet strengthens the bond, increases motivation and helps to sustain oneself in times of crisis.

Couple’s diet: Tips to manage it better

The couple’s diet is still a project under construction, but following the diet together is very simple, even if you have two separate diets!

Here’s how to do it: ask for both a personalized diet. Proceed to standardize your menus by taking one of the two diets as a reference (or alternating them) to eat the same dishes.

Everyone must adapt the foods with the portions described in their diet.

In fact, it is not as important to eat exactly the foods on your menu as to respect the portions. For example, it is not serious if the menu offers 80 g of pasta with sauce and instead you eat 80 g of risotto with spinach, provided that you remain within the same group of foods, that is, that of cereals. However, it is important to respect the quantity of oil and the weights provided for each one in one’s own menu.

Diet in pairs: Benefits in losing weight together

Here are the benefits of following the diet in pairs …

The partner is the coach.  Strengthens the bond, increases motivation, and helps to drag each other. The couple’s diet also works because the strengths of each compensate for the weaknesses of the other, and vice versa, and this complementary helps to encourage each other and overcome moments of difficulty together.

Time yes, but quality! You will spend more time together, both in the kitchen and in the supermarket. Putting yourself together to study the menu of the day and then experimenting in the kitchen will create such a complicity among you that you will never want to quit, even once you have finished your diet!

Sport becomes more fun. In two the sport is less tiring, time passes more quickly and if one of the two has a “no” day, the other will be the driver.

Complication increases. The encouraging each other during the diet creates an even deeper connection! Maybe one evening he will be weaker and you stronger and the next day the opposite, but in two you can drag and motivate each other.

Together against the others.  Following both a controlled diet helps each other not to give in to the desire or craving for forbidden food. Finally, there will be no more dangerous temptations around, as you will choose together which foods to keep in the pantry.

Couple’s diet: Differences between men and women

Calories. Women must, on average, eat between 1100 and 1500 calories per day to lose weight. While men have to take between 1500 and 1800. For the success of your journey together, it is important to be aware that you are different and that you cannot eat the same quantities of food! Of course, the number of calories to eat depends on the lifestyle and physical activity you practice.

Relationship with food. Men very rarely use food as a consolation. They usually eat from physiological hunger, almost never out of a craving or need of comfort.

Weight loss. Men lose weight faster than women do because fat mass in women is more important.

Weaknesses. The women have a greater tendency to use food as a means of comfort.  They often eat to fill a void related to boredom or frustration, which they cannot manage otherwise

Knowing your weaknesses and strengths will help you support yourself more effectively.  The secret is to be strong together, to achieve not one, but two results: flat stomach and love!

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