Facial massage: All types of self-massage!

A practice to be absolutely included in your beauty routine because it brings numerous benefits to the skin. Find out how to practice self facial massage at home.

Overpriced creams, aesthetic medicine treatments and healthy habits are all things that can help us have healthy and beautiful skin. There is a secret, however, that not all women know. The most effective method to take care of the skin of your face does not require the help of anyone else and is completely free. It is about facial massage, or rather about self-massage. There are many types of facial massage and it is possible to implement them all at home and completely alone.

Let’s proceed with order: first of all, how can a self-massage completely change our skin’s appearance? By performing right movements is really possible and there is historical data to confirm it.

The first facial massages, or rather self-massages, date back to the tradition of the ancient East. In China, massage was conceived as a technique with which to release the energy stored in the body, but over the years – and centuries – we realized how many benefits self-massage also has from a purely aesthetic point of view.

In addition to relaxing a lot, in fact, the facial massage stimulates the microcirculation making the skin brighter and, if performed consistently and in the right way, it even manages to prevent the signs of aging stimulating the production of collagen and elastin which, over the years, tends to decrease dramatically.

Before going into detail illustrating three of the main face self-massage techniques, it is important to underline that the beneficial effects of massage are amplified if you use face creams and cosmetic products suitable for your skin type.

Secondly, all movements of the self- massage must be carried out starting from the center of the face and then moving outwards. The only exception is the eye area: the movements in this case are exclusively circular and very delicate.

Relaxing facial massage

The relaxing face massage is ideal for those who want to carve out a moment for themselves, a real pampering. You start by applying a specific face cream for your skin type and then spread it with circular movements, from the center outwards and from the bottom upwards.

It is recommended to spread from the neck to the forehead, moving the hands gradually and symmetrically or with alternating movements. At this point, small movements and lifting with the fingers in the area around the lips, cheekbones and the whole neck are performed, and then start again.

A relaxing massage finished, the face should be rinsed with lukewarm water and buffered with a microfiber cloth or a soft towel. Never rub, because the skin could be irritated especially if delicate.

Draining face massage

An extremely effective self-massage is definitely the draining face massage, which should be done once a day and preferably after cleaning the face. The expert advice is to perform it with the usual face cream, to ensure that all the active ingredients penetrate into the deepest states of the skin.

You start with the décolleté and then gradually move towards the neck, placing your hands on your chest and drawing small circles in a clockwise direction. Continue going to the neck, repeating everything for about 3 times, in order to stimulate the drainage of liquids.

Get to the chin, with the fingers together and using only the fingertips, continue to draw circles by exerting a slight pressure and releasing, making this movement up to the ears.

Important the area of lips and cheekbones: with your thumb near the lower lip and with the index finger near the upper one, make movements outwards. On the cheekbones, place the hands upside down, making rotational movements with the thumb up to the temples.

At this point, bring your fingers on the eyelids making light touches horizontally and then do the same in the eye area. Place your fingers at the base of your nose and bring your index fingers towards your eyebrows by applying pressure.

The draining massage ends with the forehead, on which to exert pressure from the center outwards 3 times before closing the massage returning to the neck, where it all started.

This type of massage is very useful especially if you tend to have a swollen face in times of particular tiredness and stress.

Firming and anti-wrinkle facial massage

We proceed with the anti-wrinkle facial massage, with a firming and lifting action.

Again, we recommend using a specific face cream and starting with the décolleté. We proceed, as explained before, along the neck making movements from the bottom upwards, almost as if we wanted to stretch the skin and “stretch” it, to smooth out wrinkles.

As for the face, this massage starts from the chin: we recommend making small circles with your hands and then focusing on the nasolabial wrinkles by positioning the index and middle fingers on the sides of the mouth and pulling first outwards and then towards the tall, up to the cheekbones.

Continue to massage the cheekbones, always with circular movements, and then concentrate on the forehead, with movements from the bottom upwards from the nose up to the hairline.

We then move on to the eyebrow area, continuing to iron and press from the center of the forehead outwards, up to the temples, and then upwards. The whole massage should be repeated 3 times to be more effective.

These three techniques, in their simplicity of execution, can really make a difference if properly inserted in our skincare routine. Remember that, for an enhanced effect, it would be preferable to combine the massage with the use of a specific treatment for your skin type, so that you can enjoy the beneficial effects of self-massage even more quickly and effectively. On YouTube, there are many tutorials if some movements are unclear. We remember, in fact, that it is essential to perform them in the correct way to see the results.

Our advice is to dedicate yourself to this practice 1-2 times a week, carving out moments of authentic well-being and love for yourself. Among the thousand commitments of the daily routine, an oasis of serenity and relaxation for every woman is what it takes, because there is nothing more important than loving yourself and taking care of yourself.

What do you think? Did you already know these self-massage techniques? Did you feel like trying them?

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