Tricks to eat less and lose weight faster

Good morning friends! How to take the challenge to lose weight? They have done well my green juices? Hope so. Remember that there is no victory without effort and in this case is no different. Today I’ll leave a list of tricks to lose weight. It is very simple tricks that will make you eat less without going hungry. I guess this last did you like it? Why you smile … ?

Tricks to eat less

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Tricks to eat less

Steamed, baked or iron: If you avoid excess oil, you can eat more food and less fat. These cooking methods are the most recommended.

Eat slowly: The feeling of satiety begins about 20 minutes after they started eating. If you eat too fast not leave time to feel the feeling of fullness.

Drink two glasses of water before eating: If 10 minutes before eating drink two glasses of water. At lunchtime you’ll be a little fuller, eating less and eating less food cravings.

Start with vegetable salads: Before the pasta, rice, meat, etc … always eat a plate of salad, or grilled vegetables. A part of that is a very healthy habit, because you bring many vitamins, minerals and fiber, avoid to eat more of other foods high in calories …

Smaller plates: How long the brain sends and although it may seem silly, if you put the same food on a smaller plate, it will seem that the ration is bigger and not have to fill both the plate. I assure you it works.

Be careful what you buy: Before going to the supermarket eat something. Go to the supermarket hungry is proven to make you buy food you do not need or contain excessive calories. Make a shopping list before you leave and limit yourself to buy what is in it.

Turn off the TV: Eat with the TV distracts you and as a result end up eating more than necessary.

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Only it brings to the table what you eat: Take the essentials. True that when you make a meal for many guests and full table food, everyone ends up eating as if the world is running out … we eat for your eyes! So the table only takes just enough and no more.

Eat more times per day: Sometimes we fall into the error as we are to diet, eat fewer times a day. That cannot be. All we get is get to the food with a brutal feeling hungry and then throw down everything. Ideally, do 5 to 6 meals, but lighter.

Use the less skilled hand: It may be another trick. Using hand with less skill, eat slower. You can also try using chopsticks. I love to wear them when I do Japanese or Chinese food. You entertain and loading least every bite, you end up eating less food.

Nothing sugary sodas: Are strictly prohibited. Two glasses of cola soda, you provide the same calories as a meal. Not to mention the amount of sugar they contain, favoring the emergence of diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Consuming chia seeds, barley, oats and flax seeds: These 4 satiating foods have incredible power.

Calm your anxiety: Many times it is not eaten by hungry and if anxiety. when you feel that this happens. Try a tea infusion or relax for 10 minutes, controlling your breathing. It has been proven that if you exceed these 10 minutes, the anxiety decreases and you can control it .

Red dishes: It has been shown that so unconsciously, our brain associates that color to something that we must be careful. Perhaps for traffic signs and traffic lights. The point is that if our dishes is red, eat less!

I hope the tricks have liked and especially useful to them to eat less.

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