How to clean old coins: 7 tips for you to follow

If you have a cleaning craze, maybe this text is for you! It is often talked about how dirty money can be, now imagine old coins. Have you ever stopped to think about how many microorganisms live in these objects?

Usually, coin collectors also struggle with the question of whether or not to clean their coins. The problem is that when doing this process, because it is extremely delicate, it can lead to the loss of the value of the material, which is determined by its appearance and the traces accumulated on its surface.

Another point is that because coins end up accumulating dirt due to handling or when they are found buried, they may have residues that damage the piece. So, to know the best way to clean old coins, check out the tips below!

How to clean old coin: does it lose its value?

Before we continue with the tips on how to clean old coins, it is necessary to understand that sanitizing them can contribute to reducing their value. Antique coins are not only valued for their antiquity, but also for the marks that occur. The best example is the patina (a layer of different colors that is the result of chemical reactions in the metal) that adds value to the coin.

If you have old coins and don’t want to lose your collection’s value, cleaning should be your last resort. Therefore, it is important to know how to differentiate which are the natural marks of the passage of time from improper currency manipulation.

How to clean old coins with a mild soap?

This is the easiest method to do, as you’ll be using items that are easily found around the house, such as:

  • Liquid neutral soap;
  • A glass bowl;
  • A soft towel;
  • Warm distilled water.
  • Cleaning mode:
  • First, holding the coin by the edges, gently rub a little neutral liquid soap;
  • Do this sanitization on both sides of the coin;
  • In a bowl with warm distilled water, soak the coin for 30 minutes;
  • Finally, remove the coin, rinse in warm water and pat dry with a soft towel.

How to clean a coin with vinegar?

This tip is great to apply to currencies in common use, such as the real, example. Unfortunately, because they pass from hand to hand, they accumulate a lot of dirt. You will need:

  • A glass bowl;
  • A cup of alcoholic vinegar tea;
  • A cup of alcoholic tea;
  • An old, clean toothbrush;
  • Paper towel sheets.
  • See the step-by-step on how to clean circulating currency:
  • In a bowl, mix a cup of alcohol vinegar tea with two cups of alcohol;
  • Add your coins and let them soak for half an hour;
  • Then scrub both sides of each coin with an old brush;
  • Finally, use paper towels to dry them.

How to clean old copper coins?

Want to clean your copper coins but don’t know the best way to sanitize them? Before anything else, you will need:

  • A glass bowl;
  • One tablespoon of alcohol vinegar;
  • An American glass of warm distilled water;
  • An old, clean toothbrush;
  • A soft towel.
  • Cleaning mode:
  • Inside the bowl, mix the tablespoon of vinegar with a glass of warm distilled water;
  • Add the coins;
  • Let them soak for up to 20 minutes;
  • Scrub them lightly with the old brush;
  • Finally, use a soft towel to dry them.

How to clean old silver coins?

First of all, avoid using specific products to clean silver, even if your coin is made with this material. Unfortunately, even though these products add extra shine to silver pieces, it is considered artificial for old coins, diminishing their value.

To do this cleaning, gather the following items:

  • A glass bowl;
  • Two teaspoons of baking soda;
  • Half a liter of warm distilled water;
  • toothpicks;
  • Warm distilled water;
  • Paper towel sheets.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean an old silver coin:

  • In the glass bowl, add half a liter of warm water plus two spoons of sodium bicarbonate;
  • Put your coins in that solution;
  • Let them soak for 30 minutes;
  • If there is dirt that is difficult to remove, moisten the tip of a toothpick and rub it gently on the dirty part;
  • Rinse the coins with warm distilled water;
  • To dry them, use a paper towel.

How to clean old gold coins?

In addition to being one of the noblest metals, gold coins are the most prized by collectors. When you need to clean them, you will need to have:

  • Warm distilled water;
  • Neutral liquid soap;
  • Paper towel sheets;
  • A fluffy towel;
  • A pair of gloves.

Cleaning mode:

  • First, before you start cleaning, put on a pair of gloves to protect your coin;
  • Using warm distilled water, apply a small amount of mild soap to the gold coin to be cleaned;
  • To remove dirt, use your fingertips to make light, circular movements;
  • Then rinse in distilled water;
  • Dry the coin carefully, avoiding scratching it;
  • By the way, use the paper towel next to a fluffy towel, always pressing the coin against the paper so that it absorbs all the moisture, even in “invisible” corners.

How do you clean rusty coins?

Found a coin and it’s rusty? There is an easy way to clean it. To do this, have at hand:

  • A glass bowl;
  • alcohol vinegar;
  • An old toothbrush with soft bristles;
  • Distilled water;
  • A soft towel.
  • Here are the steps on how to clean rusty coins:
  • In a glass bowl, place alcohol vinegar;
  • Add the rusty coins;
  • Let them soak for about an hour;
  • Remove one by one, always scrubbing with a toothbrush with soft bristles, on both sides;
  • After the step above, rinse them all in distilled water;
  • Finally, dry the coins with a soft towel. Let them dry in an airy place with some distance.

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