5 Treatments To Join Wellness And Nature

If 43% of people indicate nature as the fundamental place of well-being, there is a reason. Undoubtedly, the mere fact of changing air literally gives a respite to the lungs and eyes become accustomed to the gray and exhaust gas. But also the idea of returning to harmony with the environment that hosts us, adopting a softer approach to the opportunities that the wind, the green, the water, and the sun offer us, is a factor that allows you to be a genuine natural wellness, which transforms even the simplest of massages in a multisensory experience.

Wellness And Nature

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Massage open air

If it is true that a well-executed massage is a moment of genuine well-being and that the only views of the landscapes and the wonders of an always full of surprises nature offers what it says for the soul, it is shown that combining the two multiplies treatment outcome. In the midst of a forest or in a field of flowers, the heartbeat slows; natural light promotes relaxation, while the smell of the sea, the rivers, or just grass is a concentrated aromatherapy, which is unequaled in no sophisticated spa.

Tree Hugging

If you think hugging a tree is the stuff of hippies, maybe you should have a chat with the Celts, who already several centuries before Christ had guessed that the positive energy emanating from the trunks could be a source of new balance.

Science today says that this ancient practice provides support to cure bronchitis, high blood pressure, insomnia, and nervousness and is an excellent antidepressant for new mothers. Each tree has its own specificity: If the olive trees convey a sense of regeneration, the apple of the lightens ideas, and guides the choices, while the kernels – especially those that dot the shores are an invitation to meditation, and stimulate the speed of thought. So … I want to give this embrace.

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Trekking Wellness

As a sort of decathlon wellness, where competition and the players give way to the only goal to regain form and peace with themselves, the “Trekking of Wellness” is highly recommended for those who prefer to take care of their appearance and of their health remaining outdoors or perhaps more properly conquistador.

From yoga and shiatsu in the woods to riding followed by a massage on the lawn, the concept is immersed in a mixture of sports and rituals, strictly practiced in that huge gym that is in nature. All this, especially alongside wellness therapies that exploit the elements and principles of the herbs and benefits of mountain plants.

Forest Therapy

Spending time in nature contributes to the increase of immune function, and decreased blood pressure, producing an improvement in concentration, benefits on the quality of sleep, and a lowering of stress. And the Japanese are so advanced that, already in the 80s, had begun to promote and practice the Forest Therapy, a health path in the woods, with massages in the trees, using only cosmetics based on cedar pine and other alpine herbs, along the paths barefoot.

Natural spas

About SPA, maybe not everyone knows that is a veritable mine of natural cine hot water, complete with thermal streams and benefits fumes. It’s all free. It seems impossible but do not count the now legendary tanks dug into the rock, in scenarios and coves dream with perennial waterfalls that give the impression of being in a SPA without having to pay the ticket for a show with the participation of the heavens and the earth.

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