Bed bugs, natural remedies

Natural remedies to deal with the presence of bedbugs to prevent them from finding an ideal environment for their stay in the bed.

It is one of the smallest members of the Cimicidae family, it feeds on human blood during the hours of the night and is responsible for a large number of ailments related to its bite, especially skin disorders and allergic symptoms.

In addition to the common itch, bed bugs can cause fever, weakness, and in some cases infections.

Unfortunately, it is possible to find this type of parasite wherever there is human presence, at any latitude.

Bedbugs: how they get to our bed bugs reach the beds through contaminated clothes and suitcases. So it is important to be careful when returning from travel. Or whenever we host people or objects from some trip at home.

Bed bugs sometimes use animals as vectors, which is why we must also pay attention to the hygiene of our four-legged friends.

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Natural remedies for bed bugs so let’s move on to the list of natural remedies:Bed bugs

 > Extreme temperatures: Washing blankets and sheets at temperatures above 65 degrees is an effective method of eliminating bed bugs. In the case of non-washable items, blankets and sheets can be vacuum-sealed. And then placed in the freezer for 24 hours.

 > Diatomaceous earth: it is nothing more than dust obtained from a special sedimentary rock. And among its various uses, there is also pest control. It should be distributed on the infested areas (whether they are covered, sheets or mattresses ). And left on for at least 2 days, then sucked away.

 > Borax: Similar to diatomaceous earth, this boron compound is commercially available. And can be used in the same way as diatomaceous earth. Technically, the borax will suffocate the bed bugs in about 24 hours, after which. As with diatomaceous earth, it will be important to vacuum and clean the whole thing.

> Alcohol: another rather effective method is the use of a  solution of at least 90% pure alcohol. The percentage is sufficient to eliminate bed bugs. It is important to scrub the areas we think are infested with both adult bed bugs and eggs thoroughly and thoroughly. Always keep in mind the high flammability of the product.

 > Tea tree oil: it is an essential oil with strong antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties but also works well against bed bugs. It can take the place of alcohol and works in much the same way, although it doesn’t kill bed bugs but acts more as a repellent. It is a more eco-friendly solution but also expensive and it is not as volatile as alcohol, so its aroma will last longer.

 > Hydrogen peroxide, or hydrogen peroxide:  works much like alcohol, although it is less lethal to bed bugs . It has a less pungent odor. Hydrogen peroxide does not have the risk of flammability but its whitening action, like that of bleach. It must be considered and it can alter the color of the hair that will fall on the bed.

 > Essential oils. They are milder remedies, which act more as repellents than pesticides. Dilute 20 drops of lavender or mint essential oil (the most hated by bed bugs) in a liter of water and spray once a day on the bed.

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